Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Husbands....  I am quite frustrated with mine.  This may seem trivial and maybe it is but it is still real to me. 

I asked my hubby to be sure to be the one to drive to our dentist.  I don't like to make the drive, it is about 20 minutes away, the exit off the highway is right by the George Washington Bridge.  I just have a bad feeling about it.  I am just not comfortable with the drive and have anxiety about it.

So, he yes, yeses me.  Makes the appointment for the kids and the extra one for me to get my tooth fixed and says he will be there and will drive.  Tonite, he informs me he can do the Monday or the Tuesday appointment, but not both.  Great, thanks.  He knows I am a wreck about my appointment and the kids are just cleanings. 

He tells that I just have to do it and deal with it.

Why thank you!  I could have done that from the beginning but I didn't want to "just do it". 

I am sure I will drive and everything will be fine, but I really have this awful anxiety.  I can't take anything for it because - I HAVE TO DRIVE!!!!  UGH. 

I just can't win. 

I really think that he did this just to get back at me for all the other concessions he has to make for my diseases.  He does the laundry, he helps a lot with the kids.  He pays for a cleaning service to come do the heavy stuff every 2 weeks.  He takes me to and from the doctors and to tests and for blood and everything else.  Why should he have to drive to the damn dentist?  Of course, the fact that anxiety is part of the disease makes no matter, I guess. 

Bummed, Dawn


peggikayee said...

Hi Dawn, it's Pk from the lupus board.

Just wanted to say ... I get it, been there done that (but not in traffic that heavy!) and I completly understand your anxiety!

I added your blog to my blogroll! I will be visiting and trying to comment often. Feel free to visit my blog at

Welcome to the world of blogging! (a bit late!)

butterflygherl said...

Ah, yes, husbands can be an interesting thing at times. I love mine dearly, but he has his moments. I hope all goes well with the dentist!

Susan *from the lupus board*  <~~ feel free to stop by. : )