Friday, March 25, 2005

Good Friday

Welcome to my brand new blog!


Hello!  I always want to journal and my hands hurt too much, thanks to my RA, so here I am!!!  A blog!  How high tech! 

I promise to try to post every other day and I hope people add comments or ask questions!!!  :-D

Today was a mixed day.  Woke up to snow, again, but the kids had school much to their dismay.  My ds12 that I homeschool, also had school much to his dismay - lol!  Tomorrow everyone is off which is really nice.  We may go to a movie! 

Today dd8 broke down crying that she didn't want me to have RA anymore.  I consoled her for a while and agreed that RA does suck, but then I reminded her it could always be worse. 

We have been watching Extreme Makeover:Home Edition and I reminded her of the family where the mommy died from cancer.  I told her that while my RA may cause pain and make me tired, it may slow me down, but it won't stop me!!! 

She smiled and we hugged and all is well for now!  That was tough.  I am in an email loop with a bunch of women (and one man) that have RA and they gave me hugs and the pep talk I needed.  ;-D  I know that my dd8 is growing into a considerate young woman and a lot of that is because she has seen me battle this disease, so good comes with the bad. 

Today we (hubby, all the kids, my parents) went to IHOP for a late breakfast.  It was good!  No meat today, but everyone was able to find something good to eat.

Went to see The Pacifier with my mom and the kids at the movies.  It was very funny and it was enjoyable!  Vin Diesel is very cute in a comic, softee role!  He has a bit of a lisp I never noticed before!

My hands are sore and my hip/lower back are acting up today, but not too bad, thankfully.  No cane needed, so that is always good!  I am frustrated that this is acting up.  I am not sure what I did yesterday to aggravate it.  However, I have pushed through the discomfort.

Pizza tonite for dinner at a local restaurant.  Very good thin sliced pizza.  Yum! 

Came home in more discomfort though and had to take pain med. 

My dear hubby is making a terrible mess by sawing wood for moulding around a door in our dining room.  He is also sawing the wood in the dining room.  Bless his dimwitted little heart.  He could be doing it in the garage on saw horses - but apparently forgot that option.  UGH.  Dust everywhere!

We are also about to color the Easter Eggs - this should be fun! 

Carpe Diem, Dawn

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dkb11161970 said...

I love IHOP's crepes.  mmmmmmmmmm, cheeeeese.  grin, debra