Thursday, March 31, 2005

A ray of sun in the gray...

Not a good day today.  Didn't feel very good.  I had diarrhea during the night and my stomach was really sore.  It went away but then I had a headache!  That finally left and I just felt tired!

Something wonderful did happen though.  Something so wonderful and something that doesn't happen that often.

Ds10 told me he loved me.  On his own, not in answer to me saying it.  Just out of the blue!  That is so great, the best kind of "I love you" - completely unbidden, unexpected.  It really made my day. 

It may have made my week!

Be well, Dawn



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melisfrn2 said...

(((((((Dawn))))))))))  Having worked with and been a step-mother to a child with Asbergers, I understand how special this is.  Must have really warmed your heart, how beautiful!