Sunday, April 3, 2005

  Sorry I have been quiet, I have been having a busy, busy week!  Friday, my aunt from Indiana was visiting us for the day.  She has to assign days to get to everyone!    My mom stayed home from work and we three, plus ds12 went out to a late breakfast.  Then we spent the entire day chatting and everyone, my dad, hubby, ds10 & dd8, joined in to go out to dinner.  Then we came back to the house and chatted some more before she had to leave!  It was a wonderful visit.  This aunt of mine has become such a great friend over the years, I miss her!!   Saturday.  The swimming birthday party for ds10 & dd8 that had been rescheduled.  Now, we were staying overnight at the hotel, so you know what that meant for me to do all am. After the packing and running out to get beach balls and other water we went!  We checked into the hotel at 1pm and waited for my cousin and her hubby and 2 kids, helped them get checked in, then waited for my best friend/sister and her baby and got them checked in.  We we all on the same floor a few doors from each other.    Time for the pool!  The kids had a wonderful time!  Only 2 no-shows.  Not bad!  They swam and played for an hour and a half, we parents yakked.  I asked for one parent to stay (at least) per kid, because there is no lifeguard and I didn't want to be responsible - just in case.  The banquet room was right next to the pool and it had unlimited sodas and chips & pretzels for everyone.  At 4pm we had chicken fingers, fries and pizza.  Then ice cream for dessert.  It was a lot of fun.  Many parents told me it was one of the best parties they had ever attended!    After the party kids left, hubby and I swam in the pool too for a while with our kids and their cousins.  Then we all went to dinner together!  Not one of the best meals - but the company was great!  After dinner, we split up to our rooms.  My dd8 stayed with her Aunt and baby because her hubby couldn't come because of their diatbetic cat that needs shots every 12 hours of insulin.  So they watched a movie and had a special girls night after the baby fell asleep.    My hubby and I and the boys watched a movie (hubby was snoring half way through), then went to sleep.  My cousin & her hubby did the same with their boys.   This morning we all had a really nice breakfast together.  In fact, it was all so nice, we decided to do a weekend overnight together next year at a different hotel.  Not the party, just the family overnight.  It was really nice.   Now, I am home - exhausted.  Ds10 is cranky because he did not get enough sleep after all that swimming.  I am sore, as the bed was not so good, and I didn't sleep well.  I may have gotten 4 will probably take me 2 days to recuperate!!  Of course, the rain has not helped. NJ is still in a state of monsoon!    Overall, it was worth it...the weekend was great!

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melisfrn2 said...

Yes, you definitely need another weekend to recuperate!  I do hope your neck is better today dear, and send some of the bbq chips my way- craving them now! lol

I understand about missing your aunt, my sister Hollie and her family are in Germany,her husband is stationed there.  She came for a visit for three weeks and when she left it broke my heart.  I really enjoyed the visit but it also reminded me how much I miss her...  I hope you got to spend some one on one time with your aunt.  

love ya dear!