Monday, April 18, 2005

The World is Inherently Good!


I believe that people, and the world, more generally, is inherently good.  In spite of the evil, beset one human on another that we see each and every day in the paper and on the tv news, I believe those things to be in the minority of the human condition.  I believe that the stories of good and kindness are not told, and that is a shame.

I believe many more people held open the door for someone today, helped an elderly person load their car with groceries, gave someone the pennies from their wallet to pay the change needed on their bill, weeded a neighbor's garden that is too busy with her many kids, listened and gave hugs to those with heavy hearts.

I believe that there are more heroes than villains, those brave souls who are out there protecting and serving for the sanctity of life, rather than disregarding it.  Everyday heroes who get up and spread some sunshine within their own small world, in spite of their pain and challenges.  If only those stories were told more in the news, instead of just on the "slow" day as filler.

I believe that there are more people using the power of prayer rather than abusing the power of money.  More are giving of themselves, their time and their wallets to help their fellow man, woman, and child, than those who would steal from the same.

I believe that there are more tolerant, open-minded people who accept those who are different with open armed respect, than there are those who turn their backs in judgement.  There are many more who celebrate the rainbow of our world's colors than those who cling to a singleness of blind intent to be separate.

I believe that there are more smiles than frowns today all over our world.

I have to believe in this good.  It may not be celebrated by our newspapers and newscasts, but it is there.  It is how I can get up and face the day, in spite of my personal challenges, and how I can groom my children to become part of this human race, part of this ever shrinking world. 

It is hope. 

If you read this and think I am naive, then I am glad I live in my world and not yours. 



melisfrn2 said...

I've got to agree with you dear, it is the only thing that allows us to face each day with hope and joy, and to present our children to this world.

How can one do God's will, and spread love, with a suspicious or close minded heart?

love, (((((((Hugs))))))))) and prayers for you and yours, dear

sdoscher458 said...

NIcely written, I want to believe I really do...I wish the whole world would believe...Sandi

erinnae1977 said...

I definitely agree! I think sometimes we lose sight of the positive due to being  labeled as naive or childish , however this would explain why children are always smiling and adults get wrinkles! Great entry!

grofsand said...

Nicely stated! (found my way here through CarnivAol)

Many feel that between "good and Evil", Evil is the more powerful of the two. "Goodness" always seems to be the underdog.  
  Considering this world has not had a stretch of Peace since Cain  & Abel...Man is consumed by Power, and fueled with greed, that Evil has a firm hand on the steering wheel.
  It does not matter whether mankind evolved from some microbe...or as the Bible says, we all started from Adam & Eve.....everything here in creation is a child of very powerful and loving force...who we refer to as God. He has painted this world with goodness......we don't need to be told that stealing is wrong, or killing is bad, our hearts we all have a an inclination for loving and caring one another.
  In our Hearts....that is where the goodness starts!
Marc :)

tlgf1968 said...

so happy we live in the same world!  (((((((((( hugs, )))))))))) trace

prsnhm7 said...

I Loved it!..   Thank you for the reminder to look for the good..  I to have been blessed to recieve and also  Blessed to give... .. A praying mom...

jmorancoyle said...

     I agree with you that there are good people everywhere. It is important to be aware of that.

kissofvanity said...

Yes, I agree.  This is the world that I live in also.  :)


mechants said...

I believe that you are right. And that you are one of those inherently good people. Great entry!

CarnivAOL strikes again! So glad you were featured!


ckays1967 said...

To me, this entry defines Faith.  F.a.i.t.h.    Believing in one's what can not be seen and yet remains true.