Friday, April 8, 2005

Medic-Alert Bracelet

I received the Medic-Alert bracelet that I begged my hubby to get me today.  I wanted it.  I picked it out - all pretty 10K gold.  I placed the order and decided what to put on it(couldn' fit all the meds - would need a 2x2 shield for all that).  I should be happy, thrilled, right?

So, why am I now feeling weird?  I guess because when I was a kid only really old, sick people had these, that's why.

I feel like I now wear the cattle brand of "illness" officially.

That is stupid.  I wanted this in case something ever happened and I was alone or unable to let them know that I am immuno-suppressed and on Remicade, Methotrexate and steroids. 

But, still I feel kind of weird.

I guess it will pass.  

Be well - Dawn



butterflygherl said...

((((((((((Dawn))))))))) Don't feel bad about protecting yourself. Long before I had Lupus (and everything else) I was allergic to eggs, still am as a matter of fact, and it's so much better to be safe then sorry. A medication that I was given during a routine surgery four years ago almost killed me because of the egg allergy.

Wear your bracelet with pride!

Susan *from the lupus board*

iminntoo said...

hi, i am marika and i am new to the whole community thing. i am trying to find my way around and then back again to where i really wanted to go. well, anyway i was reading through some of your posts and i know exctly how you feel.
i cleaned my kitchen last week end and i am still paying for it. i hate living with dirt and chaos. as time goes by it seems to get harder to do and then harder to care. i live with my son. you are right that you are truly blessed. you have a large and strong support system.  i just wanted you to know that you are not alone in your everyday battle with moving forward. that is my daily agenda "keep moving forward" "keep looking forward"...   we are all blessed if only in that today we can find oneanother.
marika. http:/ wholestory

melisfrn2 said...

(((((Dawn)))))))  It can be overwhelming and frightening at times.  On one hand you are glad you've got it for safety issues, on the other hand it is a visible frustration piece to remind you that you really are ill, which isn't something we always like to think about.  I've been looking around to order one myself, and always carry on my person a list of illnesses adn current/pastmeds along with my list of allergy meds (which is enormous and I can never remember them all when called upon to do so, lol)

Be glad that you have it, it may save your life, dear, which is definitely worth saving!

love, ((((hugs))))) and prayers

bnvntrt said...

I felt the same way you did. I ordered a beautiful silver charm bracelet from American Medical ID. I was so happy when I ordered it because it was like getting a new piece of jewelry, but while I was waiting for it to arrive I started to get anxious. I didn't want everyone to know I was sick, just the people that needed to help me if anything did happen.
Once it arrived and I got used to wearing it, I finally realized there was no reason to be shy about it. People asked to see it, not because they thought it was a sign I was sick, but because they thought it looked nice. It was always with me, but didn't cause attention to what I live with.
One day when my levels dropped and I needed help though it caused enough attention to get me the treatment I needed. It was a very smart decision for you to get one.
Your anxiousness will pass.