Friday, April 22, 2005

I am addicted!

I am addicted.  I have found my bliss.

It is this time of night that is my drug!  I just love to hear the silence.  Okay, there is an occasional snore, but mostly just silence.  Children all tucked safely in bed, hubby sleeping wherever he dropped.

This is my favorite time for me!  I just made a pot of coffee and did my nails!  YAY!  We leave tomorrow for vacation and I am feeling good.  Packing is all done.  Just last minute details remain and they are few.

Limo comes at 3am, I will revel in silence until about 2am, when I must begin to rouse the family to get them ready.

Be well, my dear friends, until we meet again, and I hope you find your bliss.  Maybe it too lies in silence!

:-D  Dawn


melisfrn2 said...

Dear, I hope you are on your way to a wonderful time!!!!  Praying that you are!

love ya!


butterflygherl said...

I hope ya'll are having an amazing time! Remember we want pictures and details when you get back.

Love ya,

melisfrn2 said...

Dawn!!!  You coming back again??  Miss ya hon!