Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Why not hurt some more?

So, I am still in pain, barely slept 4 hours, my neck is a mess. 

I had an eye doctor appointment.  My astigmatism actually improved a little, otherwise, nothing of note.  All is good.  The doc, a sweet 70ish gentlemen, said "I declare you perfect!"  I told him "Great!  I can't wait to tell my hubby you said that!"  He laughed, and said "Uh oh...just the eyes...I can't attest to the rest!"  He such a sweetie, so good with the kids too when they go.

After I came home, the brainstorm hit me! :)  Since I am sore anyhow, why not tackle the spring cleaning and reorganization of the kids playroom??? 

I tackled.  One huge garbage bag full of garbage.  One huge garbage bag full of toys for charity.  It tackled me back a bit, my hips, lower back and knees are screaming.  My hands are their usual sore, but not too bad.

Took a half a vicodin...seems to helping. 

Dentist update...yesterday, we had all three kids at the dentist for a cleaning.  She would not do my filling/repair at this time.  Hubby decided to work them over for this coming Monday which is supposed to be his and my cleaning and the receptionist caved!  She spoke to the dentist and convinced her to squeeze my repair in right after my cleaning!  I am so relieved that I do not have to drive. 

Hubby is all proud of himself...men - can't live with them, can't shoot em' and mount their heads either.

Be well,  Dawn

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melisfrn2 said...

Now Dawn, we all know that you must be perfect, you are mother and wife!  LOL  OK, we'll settle for "Queen of Domain"!

Sounds like you got a lot done in one day, whew!  Half the time I'm doing good to get the dishes washed after dinner, OK, sometimes I dont' even cook, thank goodness for frozen foods lol

Good job to hubby!  Git r done!

have a good one sweetie!