Tuesday, April 12, 2005

OUCH! My Jaw!

I haven't written because yesterday I had my tooth repaired and a cleaning.  I didn't eat before the appt, I had to premedicate and last time it made me have to "go" to the bathroom quickly, so I figured, I'll eat later!   

BIG mistake.  My jaw was so sore from being open for all that time I could not chew.  Finally, at 8:30 pm, about 26 hours after my last food, I had some eggs and french fries that hubby ran and got me take out from the local diner.  It hurt to eat even that but I forced myself - I was starving!  

My jaw was still hurting, and it took 2 vicodin, one at 10pm and another at 3am to get me through the night.  

I am exhausted.  After I get the kids to school, I am going to lay back down, but I have lunch today at dd8's school - so not for long, since I need to shower and get myself presentable for that!   

Made it to Hope's school for lunch.  I was only able to eat french fries as my jaw is still hurting too much. :/  I hope I can eat hot dogs for dinner!   

Baseball game #2 tonite!  YAY!   More later!  Dawn


melisfrn2 said...


Slow down girl!!!  LOL, You're making me exhausted!  Seriously, I hope you are able to pencil in some rest time throughout your day dear.

I hope your mouth feels better soon, that is such a miserable feeling!  Praying for you dear!

love ya!!


butterflygherl said...

I hope your mouth feels better soon! I have to have some dental work done, and I'm dreading it.


edandmariann said...

Hi Dawn,
 Did miss you, but its OK, we all need a break now and then.  Thanks for letting us know because we do worry sometimes.  Im sorry your tooth hurts.  Ed recently had one where the roots actually grew up into a sinus.  Had no clue it was a tooth.  The tooth wasn't even bad, but it had to be pulled.  It turned out to be a good thing though.  We found the sweetest dentist in the process.  
Love You,

funklorio said...

Hope those teeth feel better soon, so you can really munch out!!!!!  I need to go to the dentist myself, keep putting it off, cause I am a scardy cat!
Just wanted to view your journal, I have been thinking of making one, if I ever figure out how.   Don't know that I would have alot to say, that anyone would want to read  LOL
Feel better soon