Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Adventures in Beading

I made my first jewelry beading project! 

I made a lariat style necklace and matching earrings for my mom because she helps me out so very much at home!

It came out nice, I think... I should really take a picture of it! 

I also made my daughter a bracelet, which she will thrilled about receiving when she gets home from school! 

I thought it would be too hard for my to do with my hands, but it turns out that it is good exercise and not as hard as I thought it would be at all!  The key seems to be having the right tools, too.

I am excited about this new hobby and where it may lead!

Just wanted to share a quick one with you all today! 

I hope everyone in J-Land is having a great day, like I am today!

Be well,


tishgray0726 said...

Wow.  How do you get your hands to handle the beads?  After a while my hands turn to mush.  I tried to curl my hair since it is growing every which a way except for a style.  It didn't turn out to well.  It ended up with me sitting on the floor crying and in pain.  I am glad that you found a hobby.  That would be nice if I had one.  I think other than my critters I don't have a hobby.  I use to do a lot of puzzles again though my hands are mush.  I will have to look into that.  The only thing that I do lately is what I am suppose to do.  Thanks for reminding me that I am a part of the human race.  Even though I am not feeling it today.  

lv2trnscrb said...

oh, do take a picture if you remember, Dawn! Awesome! I think beading is a great therapeutic hobby to do. Looking forward to hearing more about what you make down the road. I bet your daughter will love what you made her :)


jckfrstross said...

Good for you:) i have never been able to work with those tiny beads as i am all thumbs lol but daughter loves to make things with beads. take pics please so we can see


dawngepfer said...

My goodness you've been busy!  Do take some pictures - I love beaded jewelry.  I've made a few things, but only as part of a class.  Haven't tried anything on my own... without an instructor.  

sangrialel said...

Yes yes please take a picture!!  Linda

lurkynat said...

cool ! im so hppy for you! hugs and love,nat

sdoscher458 said...

It is so much fun to be creative...I love beading too..right now though I'm sewing beads onto the denim pocketbooks so they shine more....your bracelet sounds lovely...Sandi

cdittric77 said...

Congratulations! Can you post a pic for us? I want to see how awesome you are!


gdireneoe said...

Pics please Ma'am. ;)  C.  http://journals.aol.com/gdireneoe/thedailies

eml625 said...

This is great news !! Come on we want pictures !!