Thursday, March 2, 2006

Last Friday's Five, Late... sorry

The Friday Five from last week over at Charley's journal:


1 - Describe the shoes that you wearing right now? (If none, then think of the shoes you would put on if you had to leave the house right this instant.) 

I have a pair of Merrell All Weather Slip on style mocassins in dark brown nubuck suede, they are awesome!

2 - Where did you get them? How much did they cost you? What made you buy them? 

My hubby convinced me to try them 2 years ago.  Best everyday shoes I have ever owned!  :-)  They aren't cheap, but last forever, about $70.  Worth every dime.

3 - Did this particular pair require you to "break them in?"

No, they were instantly comfy.

4 - Do your shoes match your outfit, or your belt, or are you just a mumbo jumbo mix of a fashion statement? 

They basically match everything I wear... I am usually in jeans. 

5 - Who is more shoe obsessed, you or your partner? What makes you think that?

Me, I love shoes.  Hubby have about 4 or 5 pairs that he switches between, but he could probably live with 2!  lol

This was fun, thanks, Charley!

Be well,


sangrialel said...

We all love our shoes!  I need new work ones though.  Lelly

jckfrstross said...

where would we be with out shoes? lol


cdittric77 said...

No worries for being late - thanks for playing - and stay dry in the snow!


gdireneoe said...

LOVE favourite hiking boot.  You need to check out REI on-line...good too. ;)  C.