Monday, March 27, 2006

Busy Busy Life

Hello J-land! 

First, I want to give a shout out to everyone who has left me comments!  Thank you, so very much, your support keeps me going on the tough days.... I am sorry I haven't been around to journals lately.  Hopefully, I will have time soon!

Second, I want to give a shout out to an awesome new website that is about jewelry making.  It is a friend of mine's daughter who runs the site. - Making Jewelry Home Page

If you are interested in beading and making jewelry, she makes it fun and easy and has great advice!  Even a newsletter to sign up to for tips and hints!

Third, a quick update.  I am off the prednisone, but boy, have I been fatigued.  It has been tough.  One day, I forgot to take my antiinflammatory, Feldene, and I had a terrible day!  I realized at 8pm, exactly why....big duh.  

Sometimes, the brain fog is my worst enemy!  I even have my pills in one of those old person am and pm cases, so I have no excuse!!!  It is right NEXT to the sink.  How I missed it... I still do not know.

The kids are all healthy!  YAY!  The kids are all very busy!  LOL  Baseball season has started again, and hubby is head coach for Fuzzy's team.  That makes life around here even more hectic, but it is worth it!  :-D

This week I have my infusion of Orencia on Wednesday and then Hammer and I will spend the day at the Museum of Natural History.  Hubby will rejoin us for dinner and then we will go to the annual Issac Asimov Astrophysics debate, which is about parallel universes this year!  Hammer is very excited... this is his 'thing'!

Pumpkin has two Brownie meetings this week because they are doing a special project.  I honestly don't know how much more can be crammed into a week, but the boys also have to go to the orthodentist! 

Oh, and Pumpkin did great with her testing last week.  She felt the tests were easier than the prep work that they did in class.  Figures, all that stress for nothing!  She really has to learn to be easier on herself.... yikes!

Well, it is all a good busy.  Happy busy.  Life is full and that is good. 

Be well,



cdittric77 said...

It is wonderful to hear from you. I hope that all this craziness settles down into a regular pattern for you, so that you will be able to find a little peace and quiet!

Be well,

fisherkristina said...

Dropping by to say hello!


jckfrstross said...

glad you are back i missed you:)


eml625 said...

Hey there !! Glad things are chugging along .....


lv2trnscrb said...

that is so neat about all the kids finally being healthy; I know you had a long spell when it wasn't like that. Seems like spring has sprung in your area with all the usual activities! Enjoy each and everyone of them :)


gdireneoe said...

Good to see you chica. ;)  C.

gabreaelinfo said...

I will check out the site.


cherry2sweet2eat said...

Sounds like all is well in your life :) im happy to see that.

lurkynat said...

Dear Dawn,
hey! After my aunt's funeral and my dad's funeral and one wedding we got to visit with my daughter! my son is playing Lacrosse now good luck in basball