Sunday, March 5, 2006

The Zen of Chronic Illness Redux

I got some great comments to my last entry, thank you everyone!

To be clear, I wanted to express how having a chronic illness has affected me in my last journal entry.

A few comments mentioned how being chronically ill can affect a person negatively. 

Yes, it can.  However, I think that is something anyone with a chronic illness has to strive against.  You can't let it define you, or bring you down, you need to make it a positive influence in your life. 

It isn't easy, and not everyone can do that.

Someone mentioned having an 'Invisible Disability' makes it harder. 

Yes, it does.  It is something I deal with all the time.  You can't tell from looking at me that there is something wrong.  Education and patience is the key.  And, having a good sense of humor, often helps me get through akward misunderstandings.

The bottom line for me is about the struggle, the suffering.  I won't let that ruin me, make me bitter, depressed or withdrawn. 

That is not to say that I don't have bad days, or struggle with coping, because I do.  I wouldn't be human if I didn't, but there are more good days than bad because I fight to make it that way.  On the days when I am down, I stop and count my blessings, force myself to reflect on all that is 'right' in my life, rather than all that is 'wrong'. 

To sum it up, I will strive, I will work, I will fight to be more than my disease. 

To be a more empathetic person. 

To be happy and find more joy in life, in spite of my limitations, and because of them.

And, I will share my efforts to do that here, in my journal, in hope of inspiring others who read my journal and struggle with chronic illness, or their own battles, whatever they may be.

Love to you all...

Be well,


jckfrstross said...

good for you stay happy


sangrialel said...

Your attitude is so awesome Dawn.  I wish I had your attitude more often!  Lelly

lv2trnscrb said...

you are a true inspiration to a lot of people, Dawn! Not letting a disease like this get you down and persevering through it is amazing to read about.


artloner said...

Your "ripples" touch many, in a very positive way. :)  I hope I am in your pond for a long time.  


eml625 said...

Dawn,  I dont know how strong I'd be. You seem so together and tough. Thats awesome.

Take Care

gdireneoe said...

((((Girlfriend)))) ;)  C.

lurkynat said...

thanks for fighting the good fight Dawn we all love you so much!