Friday, April 21, 2006

If you don't mind it doesn't matter...

Isn't this just the cutest!  Thanks Sazzy you are the best!  Check out all the other cute tags Dianna has for us J-Landers who don't have her talent to make them!

I am happy to see this week come to an end.  Not the best of weeks here in J-Land or in my day to day life. 

Please visit CarnivAOL for a special edition full of our tributes to Pam.

Also, please visit my friend, Karyl's Glimpses of Eternity--  Lupus and Life who has gotten some bad news and needs some support right now.  A new medical curve ball has just socked her in the gut.  And, it sucks.  Sorry for the baseball analogy...

Moving into day to day life, my son had a very tough baseball game last night thanks to an umpire situation.  I don't have the energy to recount it all here but I will say that it is the kind of thing that just takes away the joy of the game.  Fuzzy's team lost 9-4, but there were some good hits and great plays, and the loss is not the issue at all.  Although, winning would have been a just dessert. 

My daughter had a tough week, too.  For some odd reason, her teacher got cranky with her, and it really threw her through a loop.  It was unwarranted and handled by my hubby, but it sucked.

I have these awful mouth sores that are part and parcel with Lupus/RA and they are killing me.  It is making me very cranky.  Add, pms and then the arrival of cramps, and that rounded out my week.  LOL 

However, today is Friday!  Thank GOD it's Friday!  I am very hopeful that this will be a nice weekend and I am determined to put on a happy face and make it so!

My parents are going into NYC tonight with another couple to see 'Barefoot in the Park' on Broadway, a Neil Simon oldie but goodie.  They are having dinner in the city too, and it is a lovely 63 degrees and sunny.... perfect evening city weather!

Be well,



sdoscher458 said...

Oh Dawn the graphic is too cute.  I know how hard this past week has been on everyone that knew Pam.  I've finally read through all the tributes that Paul posted, it took longer because my flowing tears stopped me from reading. I guess in this life the best we can do is to be kind to one another, love our loved ones the best we can and hope for God's grace.  Hope you feel

libragem007 said...

oh graphic is so cute. You've laid out how this week turned out for you Dawn...and shows that you and your family handled it in best possible way and that accepting life like this week happens.
Thanks for the link of your friend's journal and to CarnivAOL.
Have a wonderful weekend,
Gem :-)

sangrialel said...

I am so sorry about the sores in your mouth!!  I hope they heal up soon.  I am glad your back!  Linda

jckfrstross said...

sorry about the sores and the bad week, i will go and visit now have a good weekend


klconard1 said...

That graphic is just adorable dear!  I love it!  and thanks so much for giving me a nice mention here.  I am getting some encouraging support from your faithful readers and it's a boost for my spirits to know folks care.
I'm so sorry you're experiencing the mouths sores dear.  I pray they will heal soon and you will feel better.  how is the treatment going?  Still helping, right?
loving you

eml625 said...

Sorry you had a crappy week....take it easy this weekend.


sugarsweet056 said...

Hi Sweetie,
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So visit me when ya can!

Comment from sugarsweet056 - 4/22/06 6:40 AM

gdireneoe said...

(((((((((((D))))))))))))  Wanna pickle? ;)  C.

cherry2sweet2eat said...

not everbody is meant to be a teacher but we are all human and have emotions and live as well :)