Sunday, April 30, 2006

Weekend Assignment #109

Weekend Assignment #109: What are some of the most recent music albums you have bought? Name up to three. Note that I said "bought" -- I want to know what music you've liked so much that you've actually shelled out cash for them.

Extra Credit: Did you buy these albums on CD, or did you get them online through iTunes or another music service?

I haven't done a Weekend Assignment in a long time, but this one caught my eye!

The last 3 albums I purchased were:

1)     NOW's #1 Hits

2)     Mozart's Piano Concertos

3)     The Best of Meatloaf

#1 was for the kids, filled with classics such as 'Bye Bye Bye' from NSync, 'Hot in Here' from Nelly, and 'All Star' from Smashmouth.  There are actually a few songs I don't mind at all. lol

#2 was for me and the kids.  I love Mozart.  I played 'Ein Klein Nachtmusik' on my Sony Walkman to my baby bump while pregnant with all of them.  And, they all love Mozart! 

I guess they were influenced by the pre-natal music! They are also all very bright kids who love to read so, I think that whole classic music in the womb theory may be on target!

#3 was for Hubby and I.  We love Meatloaf.  'Bat out of Hell' is an amazing rock classic and I like some of his newer stuff, too.

Extra Credit:  All of these were purchased on CD's.  I do purchase music online but only one song at a time.  I have never purchased a whole 'album' that way. 

'Album'.  Such a joke.  My kids have never even seen one play.  lol

That was fun! 

Be well,



hadonfield78 said...

Hey, you better watch out with that Meatloaf cd.....
Bosoxblues might want to borrow it to listen to when Penny is cooking ??? he he

lurkynat said...

Dear Dawn,
I think you have a great selection

plittle said...

I have never stopped using the term album. It simply means a collection of things all in one place, so it is as applicable to CDs as it was to LPs.

plittle said...

P.S. I love MeatLoaf too. I have three of his albums.

kaki2b said...

hi, i have a lot of the symptoms that you are talking about, but never been officially diagnost....but they diseases that you have are all question, do you ever have the  skin in your mouth peel....i have that a lot, but my dentist tells me it is my toothpaste.  i also have the dry mouth....extreme fatigue, and joint pain on both sides of my ext....but i look so healthy. no one would even believe that i experience these symptoms.....your husbanad sounds like he has given up on if he may have to just get over it and do something else, like let him are still young and pettty..

sazzylilsmartazz said...

I've already read your CarnivAOL entry but who the heck is Meatloaf? LOL An album is a big cd as far as I'm concerned. My dad has over 500 of them. Cheech and Chong too! LOL!