Sunday, April 30, 2006

Something Old, Something New

Let's start with something 'new'.  I have a new diagnosis to add to my list of ailments.  I have been fairly sure of this one for a while, but living in denial. 

Enter Sjögren's Syndrome . I am lucky that I only seem to be affected with the dry mouth.  So far, my eyes are good and I can still wear my contacts.  Thank you, God.

I am using a rinse and my rheumatologist will give me a prescription pill if I want it.  I am trying to avoid that.  I don't want to add another pill to my regimen.  The possible side effects worry me, too.  My mouth sores are improving, though.

Moving on to the 'old'.  I am annoyed.  Actually, I suppose it is more hurt than annoyed.  My husband, in spite of the fact that I have asked him, still has yet to read my journal.  That bothers me.  I even put the link on his toolbar.  I don't get it. 

He knows it hurts my feelings and still, in the 13 months that I have been journaling, no visits.

<sigh>  Oh well.  Whatever.

Be well,

PS.  Fuzzy had a great camp out with the scouts and his ankle is just fine!

And, thanks to Cherry for a great tag!



cherry2sweet2eat said...

they keep giving me new issues. just a year or so ago they claimed i have asthma which i dont in my opinion they just wanna get rich. Your welcome for the tag anytime.

klconard1 said...

((((((((Dawn dear)))))))) I am so sorry there is a new dx for you dear.  I pray that the symptoms will not increase and that the rinse will continue to help the sores clear up and protect your teeth and gums.

I am also sorry your hubby is not visiting and reading your journal.  I know it's hurtful when a spouse seems disinterested in a project which is so dear to our hearts and so much a part of our spirits.  I am praying he will see that he needs to support and encourage you --- by showing his interest and reading.
loving you

jckfrstross said...

oh gezzz if it not one thing its another:) sorry about the new thing maybe it will clear up and go away( i know but we can hope right) have a good week


mtnst0 said...

I have been reading your journal for several months and have appreciated being able to share in your thoughts and feelings.  I have Lupus, Scleraderma and Fibromyalga and a touch of the Sjorgren's syndrome.  I've done reasonably well considering. One of my biggest battles is colitis that comes w/stress or when my body is in a flare.

I could associate with your 'hurts' about your hubby not reading your journal. Mine has no desire to read any literature about the diseases nor will he go w/me to the doctor appointments unless I am having a procedure done that I'll need a ride home.  I believe he is the one that is in denial here in this house.  Perhaps it's his 'lack of babying' me that has made me what I am in these 30 years that I've endured these diseases.

Take care, Karen

dawngepfer said...

The Other Dawn & your Sjogren's sister.

lurkynat said...

Dear Dawn,
Sigh I am so sorry to ehara bout teh dry mouth stuff adn Ihope it gets better.
I love your graphic! I hope he will read your journal! we all love it!

eml625 said...

My husband hates my journal. Thinks its a waste of time.
Hope your feeling better.


plittle said...

Dear Dawn's Husband,
  Stop being such a dick. I don't care that you're not all that interested in reading online journals. Just drop by and drop a comment once or twice a month. Easy brownie points, man.
Love, Paul

gdireneoe said...

LMFAO @ Paul!  LOVE that man!  What a hoot!  (((D)))  So sorry you're struggling.  I'm right there with you on the husband problem...mine tells me I'm good...but can't/won't pay attention when I try to share...he's NEVER read my journal...bastids... ;)  C.

sazzylilsmartazz said...

Well, my husband is a dick too. He reads my journal and asks me why the hell "THAT" is necessary!

browney44 said...

While going through chemo and radiation my DH read my blog just to see how I was feeling.  Now he could care less and never visits my blogs.  Men, I guess it is too much info for them to process!!  LOL

I hope your feeling good today, take pills is the shits!  I am down to one a day for my breast cancer.