Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Tempus Fugit

I don't know how a whole week has gone by!

Things have been hectic and I am basically taking a break from journaling a lot, so I can focus on my jewelry making and my family! 

Baseball season has started and with my hubby as head coach of Fuzzy's team, things get very crazy!  Lots of practices, phone calls, and starting on Saturday, games, games, games!

Today we had snow flurries.  It has been cold and bizarre weather wise...not exactly baseball weather at all.  This should make for an interesting twist in the beginning of the season.

We are surrounded my construction on our neighbor's houses, in front of us and behind, and now we will be having some masonry work done to a retaining wall, our back patio and back stairs. 

This means walking the dog out front with lots of construction men for her to bark at and distract her; it makes for eventful walks.  Libby has gotten much better at not pulling on the leash when I walk her, which is good for my joints in my hands and wrists, but sometimes, she just can't help it!  Especially with all the strangers and activity around.

Only about 2 months and week left of school, and piano recital, dance recital and graduation ceremony all ahead for Pumpkin Muffin.  Lots to do, lots to do! 

My mom took some of my jewelry creations to work with her this past week and sold about $60 for me!  I am very grateful and it really makes me feel good to know that people liked my designs enough to want to wear them and pay for it. 

Next up, ebay.  I am excited to give that a try!

If I haven't left comments on your journal, it doesn't mean that I haven't read it.  I am trying to read and comment when I can, sometimes I only get to read.  I am here though... email me to say hi whenever you want!

I am sure I will post more again soon.

Be well,




eml625 said...

Dawn , you sound well. We had some snow here too yesterday. Strange April.Glad your jewelery is a hit !! Enjoy it.


sangrialel said...

I am looking forward to summer vacation.  My boys started track so things around my house are hectic also!  Linda

klconard1 said...

Snow and baseball lol!  They don't sound like they ought to be said in the same sentence, do they?  But I guess this time of year, they coincide at moments.  I am very excited for you about the jewelry-making success!  Congrats on a new beginning!
loving you

cdittric77 said...

Hey Dawn!

So good to see you post. I'm glad you are taking time with your family - it is definitely a good idea!


lurkynat said...

Dawn im happy that you're doing jewelry and hanging out. hugs

sunnyside46 said...

how cool to make sound like you are feeling good.

gdireneoe said...

Hi...comment whore here...just checking in...hehe.  No worries chica.  Yay you on the jewelry!  TTYS ;)  C.

thebaabee said...

You sound so perky and alive.  A true inspiration to me always.  I want the EBay link as soon as you are up and running.  Hugs and kisses, LuAnne

gabreaelinfo said...

Happy Easter!