Friday, January 20, 2006

Busy & Fatigued

It is amazing how busy you can be with your kids schedules!  I mean it!  I know the other moms & dads out there are nodding in agreement. 

I also had time to read a wonderful book this week.  Actually, I read three books, but the one I want to talk about right now is called 'Marley and Me' by John Grogan.

 Marley & Me - John Grogan    

Please check out the website above.

John's Marley, and my Libby, are both yellow labs that have a lot in common.  They both are untrainable, love to chew, drip water all over the house and can only focus when not being distracted by food, sounds, kids, people, or other animals.  Yeah, not a lot of focusing going on!

They also have in common unconditional love, a zest for life and a constant state of happiness!  Making us, as owners, in awe of them, and honored to be their 'masters', while actually learning from them.

The book made me laugh, made me think, and made me cry.  Bawl, actually.  Then again, I could not watch Lassie ever, or Bambi, so, remember that before thinking the book is too emotional for you. LOL

Another wonderful read this week was, 'Running with Scissors' by Augusten Burroughs.  I read it for my upcoming book club meeting, next weekend.  All I can say is - wow.  What a book!   It is a memoir of a shockingly bizarre childhood.  Augusten mentions near the end of the book, that he realized that the one thing he learned as a child was how to survive, and I must say, that was an amazing feat, in and of itself. 

At the end, my book had a chapter of the sequel memoir, 'Dry'.  It begins with Augusten, four years later, now working successfully, in advertising in NYC.  I am hooked.  Ordered it today, online, with a Barnes and Noble email coupon.  Hope it comes fast! 

So, basically that is what I have been up to lately.  Kids and reading.  And, sleeping.  I am feeling better from the Orencia, definitely much less swollen, and only 2 active, painful joints at all, which is great...  BUT, I am having a tough time with fatigue right now.  I am hopeful it will resolve with more Orencia, but it is tough to deal with.

has also been struggling with fatigue of late.  It is good to not be alone, but it sucks that either of us have to deal with it.

By the way, this is how I explain the difference between being fatigued and tired;

Tired means you can rest or sleep and the feeling will resolve. 

Fatigue will not get better with rest or sleep, and will only leaves when your disease is ready to let it go away.

FYI, that is a huge difference, which most people, do not comprehend.

That's all for now....  I am going to play some Bejeweled 2!

Be well,


jckfrstross said...

sounds like you had a busy week:) have a great weekend


libragem007 said...

Hi Dawn,
stopping by to say hello...and just letting you know--thinking of 'ya!
have a wonderful weekend,
Gem ;-)

lurkynat said...

Dearest Dawn,
Thank you for the inpsiration!I loved it!
hugggggs, natalie

lv2trnscrb said...

I read Marley and Me, Dawn. It was the funniest book I had read in such a long time and also the most saddest. But it left such an impression on me. Great book!


eml625 said...

Sound like some good books. I 'm not reading anything at the moment. Trying to finish Steven king's IT. But it's way to long, and loosing interest in it. Thanks for the tip.
Hope your feeling good today.
btw, i can relate to the kids schedules....


sangrialel said...

I keep looking at that book "Running with Scissors" and want to get it now I am going to have to buy it and read it!! Lelly

iscribble4u said...

Sounds like you had some great reads this past week. Glad the Orencia is working for you. And some important info -- about the difference between being tired and being fatigued. Those of us who do not suffer from lupus need to know the facts.


dornbrau said...

I've not done any book reading in years.  Online Journals are about as deep as I get, but Rocky has been bombarding me with books from the school library so today I will attempt 'My Name is America'.  Maybe I'll try Marley and Me next if I survive.
I love Bejeweled2 but am limited to the online trial version for now.