Monday, January 30, 2006

My Weekend and Week Ahead! Arrrghhh!!!

  Boy, I tell you, sometimes this schedule makes me wanna cry!  LOL  

Friday, Fuzzy was homesick throwing up.  Poor thing, thankfully, by dinner he felt great and was eating again.  

Hubby had a football conference dinner and meeting so he was out from 8pm until 11:30pm.  Pumpkin cried.  How dare he go out to a meeting and not be home to put her to bed.  That is Hubby's thing.  Bedtime.  Ah well, mommy let her sleep downstairs on the daybed in the play room.  She got over

   Saturday we went early to a wrestling match.  Our friends, that we went on the cruise with, their son, Fuzzy's friend since pre-school, has been wrestling for three years.  We never got to a match, so we did.   

OMG, thank God my kids don't wrestle.  I used to watch all the time when I was in high school, but seeing it now, through a mom's eyes....truly frightening.  I don't know how necks were not broken.  We saw lots of kids wrestle that we knew through our kids, and my heart was in my throat the entire time.   

And, people questioned my decision about football???  Last week, at wrestling, a kids arm was broken in three places and one bone went thru the skin.  That did not happen at football!!  lol  

Okay, so moving on.... Saturday night was the annual K of C Comedy Night.  We go with a group of friends, including the wrestler's parents, who start the party at their house first.  We were there at 6 pm, off to the church auditorium at 7pm, to set up our food and drink.  You would not believe the stuff people bring to this, but our group did mostly munchies, beer, and some mixed drinks too.  The comedy starts at 8pm.  2 warm-ups and then the headliner.   

The headliner is a huge cult hit here in NJ as he had his own cable access show for 27 years.  He calls himself Uncle Floyd.  He was great.  Afterward, there are door prizes, we didn't win, and then more drinking and a DJ for dancing.  That was nice.  We hung about for a bit but were home by 11:15pm.  

I had to get up early Sunday and get out the door for my book club that was going to be a brunch at 11am.  I made it!  lol 

It was really nice!  The woman who hosted had muffins, 3 kinds of quiche and a big salad.  Mimosas and Parseco, an italian dessert wine with pureed strawberries to drink, and then sorbets for after.  Quite lovely.  The book discussion was lively and and enjoyable.  I didn't get home until 3:30pm.  

I walked in to my kids giving Hubby crap about me being out soooo long.  Hubby said jokingly, that he may have to install an ankle bracelet to keep me home.  I think not!  This cracks me up as I am home all the time.  The book club is the only thing I do away from Hubby and the kids.  Sheesh!   

Apparently, Fuzzy and Pumpkin wanted me to help them with homeworkd stuff, refusing Glenn's assistance for hours.  Pumpkin only lets Hubby help with math.  LOL  

So, the rest of the afternoon, I looked up cities in Canada, printed info, helped with spelling and grammar, all with Fuzzy and then helped Pumpkin get her goods together for being Star of the week at school, and printed out pix to show her family and pets to her class and pics of her doing her dance and piano recitals.  

There ya go...the family update.  I slept in today, Hubby took the kids to school, I only got up briefly to do Pumpkin's hair.  Hammer was all set with school work so I slept until noon!  Yikes! 

Tomorrow, the boys get their braces on.  Wednesday is my IV infusion in NYC, Thursday is Pumpkin's four fillings with happy gas.  That doesn't include piano today for Pumpkin and Wednesday boy scouts for Fuzzy and rabies clinic shots tonite for Libby!  And, of course, Pumpkin's dance lessons too.   

Sunday we leave to go to the week in a time share about an hour away in the Pocono Mountains, that my cousin gave to us.  It will be nice to get away...I think.  Of course, I am the one who has to pack that will fill up my Friday and Saturday!  Laundry, packing, etc.   

I hope to be able to post later this week again, but if I don't I guess you all now know why!!!  lol  

Be well,


jckfrstross said...

WOW you do need a break:) enjoy


tlgf1968 said...

HOLY SMOKES ! ! !  lol

dawngepfer said...

Just a coupla questions as I get caught up with you:  your husband attending the football conference - is he a coach?  For your son's team?  My boy plays football, too, and I catch heck about it as well.  :)  Tell me more about your book club - what are/did you read?  I'm an avid reader but don't have time for a book club these days.  Did belong to one BM & BC (before marriage & before child!).  It was fun but got a little political and quite divided.  Too bad!  Last question, honest!  You were at a church and brought beer???  Sounds like my kind of church!  Seriously, here in GA there is a strong Baptist community - they don't drink @ church and will have a heart attack should it be mentioned.  However, us Lutherans, Episcopalians & Catholics are more accommodating, altho we are in the minority.  :)
Be Well, yourself - and good luck Wednesday.
The Other Dawn

lurkynat said...

WOWsers! You have sone busy schedule and It sounds like you had all of the fun this past weekend! cool!

dizarra said...

I totally agree with you on the wrestling, my son played baseball, but if he wanted to go into football, that would have been fine too;[although I have seen very bad injuries with that sport too] You belong to a book club-very cool! What are you reading now, if you don't mind me asking? I'm always looking for something new and different to read; you I don't get a chance to say bye, have a nice time this weekend-and fill us in! ~Diane~                                                                                                    

eml625 said...

I'm tired just reading this !!  Have a great time in the Poconos, I love it there.


sangrialel said...

Wow you had a busy weekend and it sounds like an even busier week. No wonder you slept till noon!  So would I.  Lelly

shadierush said...

Wow you are so busy! Sounds like a vacation is just what you need!