Saturday, January 7, 2006

Me and 5 Things that Bug Me!

I am so happy. 

I am not swollen!  I can close my hands into fists really tightly now, where before I couldn't because it hurt and the skin wouldn't stretch on my knuckles from being so swollen!  My knuckles are not red and inflammed any more!  I only have one joint that is still 'problematic' and that is my left elbow, but it is starting to show signs of improvement.

Thank you for all of the prayers, I have felt them, and the love and warmth that have gone with them, and they have helped the Orencia do its job!!!

I expect to hit the treadmill again on Monday!  Yay!!!

2006 is looking very good indeed!

Now, the 5 things that bug me.  I have been reading many of the lists out and about in J-land and some have been quite serious and about the 'big picture' and some have been about the more day to day annoyances. 

I am going to list the day to day things.... I guess we could say these are my 'Pet Peeves'.

1)     Toothpaste residue in the bathroom sink.  I hate it.  Why can't everyone rinse the sink after they spit?  I don't know, but I hate it and if I see it in someone elses house - I actually gag.

2)     Toilet paper must roll from the top.  There is no other way.

3)     I must have a medium blue papermate flexgrip ballpoint pen in the house to write with at all times.  I will suffer through any medium blue ballpoint, but I hate fine points and black ink.  It comes from working in a doctor's office where you need to see that an original handwritten copy is an original handwritten copy, you can do that immediately with blue ink, not there you go.  I know, I could let it go at home, but I just can't.

4)     No hats in the house or in a restaurant.  I know that it seems to have become 'okay' by today's standards that men and boys can go out to eat with a baseball hat on their heads.  However, not my sons!!  AND, my hubby agrees.  It is about respect, the hat must come off when you come in the house, or we walk into someone elses house, OR a restaurant.  I don't care if it is Mickey D's - hat off.

5)     Bed linen and pillow neatness at bedtime.  I cannot get into a bed that is messy.  If the bed was not made in the morning for some reason, (which rarely happens now that I do not have 3 toddlers under 5), I have to make the bed, and then pull the covers neatly down to get in to go to sleep, and the pillows need to be just so. 

This begs an interesting addendum.  My husband is the entire opposite.  I have written about my hubby and his incredible, nay - LEGENDARY sleep habits.  He can sleep, anytime, anywhere, any position, bed optional.  AND, when he is in bed, he just plops in to it, whatever the condition of the linens, smashes his pillows, balls them up, and bends them, and out he I shudder!

We never swap pillows, mine are mine and his are his.

And, I require everything just so and quiet and dark and a bed and it still takes me forever to get to sleep but that is a whole other bag of worms.

In light of this, my hubby likes to occasionally torment me by teasingly punching my pillows, smashing them and threatening to drool on them - GOD FORBID!!!  I scream and grab for my pillows he holds them out with his huge long gorilla arms ( he is six foot three and a 38 inch sleeve), well, you get the picture, ha ha ha, very funny.

AND, the reason I close with this story and pet peeve is because tonite, before he fell into the sound sleep he is in next to me, the whole pillow fight thing ensued... for about the two thousandth time.

After 14 years of marriage... I still scream, he still tortures, we still crack up laughing, and oh yeah, I punch his arm a lot until he gives them back to me, and sometimes, I try to bite him.

Hey, HE started it!

Be well,


gdireneoe said...

Awww!  Cute!...a bit OCD...but cute!  LOL ;)  C.

libragem007 said...

LOL..wonderful entry Dawn....I agree with you on #4 and I'm pretty much the same on #1.
(lol...after 14 years..pillows....yeah....I know! LOL!)
Gem :-D

tlgf1968 said...

YAY!! no ... DOUBLE YAY!! on the orencia finally working!  your left elbow would catch up if you weren't scrubbing toothpaste out of the neighbors' bathroom sinks, ya know ;)  (fyi, that is a pet peeve of mine, too!)  loved your list & the story it led to -- no wonder you're on my faves :)  ((( big hugs ))) tracey

thebaabee said...

Dear Not Swollen Hands Dawn!  I am so happy for you dear.  As for your pet peeves........ I agree with 1, 2, and 4.  Number 3 is some what like me, except I don't  have a specific type of pen I like to write with.  My search has not ended.  I am still searching for the perfect pen.  And, if I should find a pen that is close to perfect someone inadvertentlhy steals it.

As far as number 5 is concerned, well I am more like your hubby.  If I am tired enough I will fall asleep anywhere.  And God help the one who tries to wake.  Never wake me if I am asleep.  That is the rule around here.  I am such a horrid sleeper lately that I would even ba able to fall asleep on the cold tile of the bathroom floor.  Hubby needs the bed linens just so when he gets into bed.  He has a pillow that I wouldn't want to share if my life depended upon itl.  Its down whichis fine.  But, it always ends up smelling.  Every day I have to spray it with Fabreaze.  If the day is half decdent outside, the pillow goes out for airing.  One time I left it out there (well more than once) and it got rained on.  One time it was left out in an ice storm.

Hugs, Lu

eml625 said...

Dawn, I am so happy to read your feeling well. Thank God.
Love your peeves. Since I work in a Lab I can understand the pen thing. Our techs use special pens to mark up slides with and some even have special ones to mark the requisitions.
Keep feeling good. And no pillow swapping


sunnyside46 said...

I'm glad you're better.
i t sounds like a lot of love between your husband and you.

dawngepfer said...

I enjoyed this, Dawn, and we share some of the same pet peeves.  Great news that you're doing so well!  
The Other Dawn

hadonfield78 said...

And this is why your marriage will last forever, because the two of you have found a level on intimacy that is beautiful.
Intimacy isnt always about ,,,,,,,, well you know what I mean.
The fact that the two of you can laugh and enjoy just being yourselves, is the stuff that makes marriages endure..............
I am happy for you two.
I see alot of beautiful love in that house...........

lv2trnscrb said...

Dawn, that is so neat not to be swollen! What a great feeling that must be.

I'm with you on pens - when I find a favorite one that I like to write with, I almost have to horde it and hide it from some other person here in the house that also likes pens (Matt).

I loved the story of the pillow fighting couple - awesome!


klconard1 said...

"they have helped the Orencia do its job!!!"
Praise God!  and yayyyyy -------- yippppeeee and wahoooooo also!
loving you

snwprncess8376 said...

hi, i was lookin through some journals and i seen that you had a pic of you on all about me, and you also got the cartoon pic in that one place. How did u get them on there?

alexis31 said...

YOU are too cute for words!  I was just be-bopping around and found your blog.  I LOVE the pillow fight story!

With love,

sdoscher458 said...

Glad you are feeling better...more good wishes being sent your way dear...your pet peeves are good ones.  It's funny, I fall asleep at the drop of a hat, Joe tosses and turns...everything has to be quiet, dark or he is up all night! I have it on good authority that I could sleep on a picket fence if need be, my folks tell tales on me.  Sandi

lurkynat said...

Dear Dawn,
I am so happy that you feel better!
WOWOWOWOWOO! Wheeeeeeee!:):):):):):):)
thank you so much for telling em! Im very ahppy about ti! 'love,nat

dizarra said...

So glad you feel better; and I like it 'just so' at bed time too! my husband could sleep standing up! lol sounds like you have a marvelous marriage! ~Diane~