Monday, January 9, 2006

From Hermit Crab to Hamster

For 3 years and 3 months, we have had hermit crabs as pets.  The day that we got the hermit crabs at the mall, Fuzzy, my middle son, picked the biggest one that he could find.  The hermit crab man told him to be prepared, the bigger they are the shorter they live.  Fuzzy was not to be swayed, he wanted the biggest crab of the lot, end of discussion.

Pumpkin, the baby, and the girl, got the smallest hermit crab on that advice, thinking that the smaller it is the longer it will live.  Hammer, my eldest, went for the middle of the road, and got a medium sized one.

Pumpkin's was the first to die, much to her dismay, and all of ours as well as we had to listen to her cry and lament for about a week.  She has gone through two or three hermit crabs over the years.  Some kind of cosmic joke on her and the rest of us I suppose.

Hammer's died just before it reached the three year mark.

That leaves the baseball sized, biggest hermit crab, that Fuzzy was told would live a SHORT life.  Finally, Harry the Hermit passed on to the great beach in the sky, just after Christmas, the oldest of the lot, and the last to go.

Take that hermit crab man!

Unfortunately, the kids actual interest and enjoyment of the hermit crabs did not last as long as their lives.  It is hard to love something that is not cute and not cuddly, and pinches you with its big claw.  We have basically all been waiting for them to die.  Sad, but true, the yearning has been for something small and furry and cute.

Enter a new hamster.  We have done the hamster thing before, and here we go again.  The difference is that now the kids are older and can truly be responsible and helpful with the care.  Or, at least that is my grand plan!

Hammer is the 'supposed' owner of our younger cat, Tina.  She basically hates everyone equally except my hubby, whom she worships, and follows everywhere.  He ignores her as he is NOT a cat person, and apparently, this makes Tina love him more.  Go figure.

So, it is Fuzzy's hamster.  He picked it out, contributed money to the cost of it and its myriad of necessities, and is going to be the one responsible for feeding, cleaning and care.  Fuzzy also knows that he must freely share the hamster with his siblings because any pet in the house is a family pet.

Oh yes, Pumpkin has told us all that the NEXT pet is going to be hers to pick and name.  @@

He picked an adorable Panda Bear Hamster that is mostly black with a jagged white stripe around its middle.  With ownership comes the right to name the pet, and Fuzzy named him Lightning, for the stripe and for how fast he runs in his wheel.

Lightning is getting used to his new home and being handled very well.  The cats are facinated by him and so is Libby, our yellow lab.  She wants to lick it and love it like she does everything else!  

Lightning has already been given a nickname by my hubby who nicknames every pet and person in our lives.  Lightning likes to climb sideways and up the back wall of his tank topper cage that is made of wire, much like Spiderman, so his nickname is Spamster, a combination of Spidey-hamster!  lol

I will put up a picture soon for you all to check out his furry cuteness!

Be well,


gdireneoe said...

Awww!  My diva is working on earning a's a responsibility thing.  She has high expectations...LOL ;)  C.

cherry2sweet2eat said...

i love looking at the hamsters in the pet store i had three hermit crabs the biggist one killed the smaller ones by pulling them out of their shells and i used the biggest to torture my brother when he would watch me and be on the phone with his gurlfriends ignoring me i would throw the crab on his stomach and watch him jump up screaming (i got everything i wanted after that :) ) i've had gerbels before but my cat killed them and i almost killed him beating him with a stick to make him let my penny go i loved her gerbels are fun to have.

lv2trnscrb said...

Wishing the family much happiness with the hamster! We never did hermit crabs or hamsters; not sure why. We had fish for a bit and then of course dogs.


dizarra said...

We never did the hermit crab thing, or hamster for that matter! prob because of our cats, I'd be too afraid of a terriable accident! lol you guys seen to have it under control tho! Pictures would be great! ~Diane~

jckfrstross said...

good luck on the new pet :)


inafrnz247 said...

Good luck with Lightening the Hammie.  We have 2 (hubbies idea, thank you) fancy hamsters named Opal and Minnie.  Cookie died and dad truly caved to the idea that our girls should both have their own.  It didn't take much convincing, but of course he isn't the caregiver!!  I'm a new visitor to your journal, thanks to the Guest Editor, so I will be back soon!   Michelle

lurkynat said...

Aww your kids are the best! And the funniest..alos theyare heartwarming!
many thanks for the sweet anecdotes about the crabs and the funny stories about the hamsters!love,natalie

sdoscher458 said...

Oh boy do I remember the days of dancing hamsters, my kids had "Teddy Bear Hampsters' and Gerbils (except they are nasty & eat their young!) Lord, if I started a list of animals I would sound like Noah's Ark..for the assortment. Now I am child free, pet free and you know what....I really miss those days.  Sandi
PS..Hubby asked me if "I" wanted a pet just the other day....I am still debating.

eml625 said...

AAwwww,... spamster sounds sooo cute !! We had a hermit crab once . Jonathan got it from school. I believe he lived a few months. Dont recall. We never did the hamster thing. Just the turtle that showed up !!
Take care

sangrialel said...

I love his name!!  Lightening is great!  Lelly

memes121 said...

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topazscorpio26 said...

Lightning sounds a lot like my hamster,Caleb.  He died last summer.  I really miss him.  I have a lot of animals too.  My dad runs a sanctuary that takes in abused and neglected birds, we have a dog and a hamster.  It's really becoming a zoo.  

gypsytrader49 said...

That's a very cute entry. It Made me smile. Good Luck with Lightning. We had two hamsters for a summer (two boys,luckily) We bought them a habitrail and they loved it.

sunnyside46 said...

i had the meanest hamster in the world as a classroom pet! Every time I tried to feed the infernal thing it would bite me! I had a sub one day and she called , all upset that the hamster had gotten out and disappeared. I told her I was so grateful to her! LOL