Tuesday, September 12, 2006

2996 Project for 9/11

Many of  you blogged about or for the 2,996 Project for 9/11.

The following two links are the entries that were blogged for our friend, John.

He was lucky enough to have two people contribute on his behalf.

be well,


lurkynat said...

thank you Dawn!
love you,natalie

lv2trnscrb said...

oh my gosh, Dawn, the second entry was wonderful (both were great, but the second one didn't know him and she wrote such a touching entry). He seemed like a wonderful man. Have you kept in touch with his wife? I would like to know how she is doing.


luddie343 said...

Extremely moving, thank you Dawn.

plittle said...

By an odd coincidence, I am previously familiar with the Terra Sigilata blog. Small world.

dawngepfer said...

Dawn, I know that we were all effected by 911, but I think you are the first person I know who lost someone in the tragedy.  I counted my blessings that everyone I know in the areas (we have family in NY & DC) were all accounted for - I was relieved that no one I knew lost anyone, either.  Now I know someone who did.  

I'm so sorry.

Thinking of you & your family, and John & his.