Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Another Day, Maybe Another Delay?

Thank you  to everyone who left comments on my 9/11 entry.  I appreciate your kind thoughts and praise for the entry.  It was a tough day for many, including my household.

We have other drama here at home as well!  The schools in my town are having construction and renovations done.  As you know, if they tell you it will take 10 weeks, you just double the figure and hope for the best!  lol

Well, the summer work that had to be completed was not completed and they had to delay the opening date.  The first delay was from 9/6 until 9/11. 

Sunday night, at 7pm, I spoke to a friend who told me that she heard official calls were on the way.  By 8pm, I had received both calls, one for Fuzzy and one for Pumpkin.

Fuzzy cheered and Pumpkin cried.  Hammer also cheered, knowing that with his siblings home, no school for him either.  As for myself and hubby... we just sighed.

School opening delayed again until 9/13, tomorrow.

However, the rumor mill being what it is... I have already heard that another delay is going to happen. 


I am not going to get upset or angry because I am very fortunate.  I am a stay-at-home-mom and do not have to scramble for last minute babysitting as many parents have had to do. 

So, I will wait and listen for the phone and see what happens.

The only inconvenience I had was changing my infusion from tomorrow until next week.  I need to go into the school and get Fuzzy's asthma medicine needs settled with the RN.  Usually, this is done earlier, but the construction has literally thrown a wrench in everything usual. 

I don't know how I will fare being delayed a week with my meds... should be interesting.  Keep me in your thoughts and prayers!

On a happy note, my Aunt and Uncle from Indiana visited yesterday.  They had dinner with us and spent a few hours after chatting and catching up.  It was really nice, and took the 'edge' off the day for hubby and myself.  The kids really adore their Great Aunt and Uncle so they enjoyed it, too.

be well,


sdoscher458 said...

Boy, I can remember the days that the schools would bend over backwards not to lose a day for the kids...I think the Federal government fined them somehow, don't know if they still do.  Hope you sail through with no problems for next week...take care...Sandi

lurkynat said...

Dear Dawn,
I really am so sorry about 9/11:0 ...:(
I'm so grateful thta you and yuor family are ok!
Dawn you're such a good mom! Sorry about the delay but don't put off your infusions!
good luck with all of that chaos!hugs,

jckfrstross said...

oh man i hope they get school started soon other wise the kids will be going in the summer ugh.... have a good week


lv2trnscrb said...

I hope school starts tomorrow, Dawn. Its gotta be hard on the kids not knowing for sure and the uncertainty must be causing a lot of people to feel anxious and panicky.


cherry2sweet2eat said...

all this delays means that there will be extra days added on as well since the missed some stuff too right.

eml625 said...

My son would be jealous if he knew !! Hope school starts quickly and smoothly .
Happy to hear you got to visit with your relatives. Thats so important these days , isnt it?

shadierush said...

Here's hoping your health isn't too affected.