Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It Came Upon A Midnight Clear

Yes, a meme questionnaire!  It has been a while!  To make the wait worthwhile, this one is 110 questions... yes, you read that right!  LOL

Hip pain = can't sleep = 110 word meme.  The new math!  lol

110. My middle name is Ann.

109. I was born about a mile from my house, as the crow flies.

108. I am really happy.

107. My phone is a necessity, but I prefer email, since it is quiet and doesn't disturb Hammer.

106. My eye color is blue.

105. My favorite colors are green and burgundy, lately.

104. My ring size is bigger than it used to be.  Dang RA, lupus, pregnancies, and prednisone weight gain

103. My height is apparently almost 5'6". Go figure.

102. I am allergic to adhesive, chemical irritants, and the usual hayfever type stuff.  Plus Remicade.  Dammit.  It was the best medicine I was ever on for the RA.

101. I was born on November 22.

100. I am annoyed by ungratefulness.

99. Last book you read? The latest James Patterson, 'Double Cross'

98. My bed is… very comfy! And, attracts kids and pets.

97. One thing you hate about yourself? Being unhealthy, which isn't in my control, and getting overly anxious, which is in my control (but I am better with now more than ever).

96. My favorite holiday is Christmas.

95. The perfect kiss is from Hubby, then the kids, then the cats or dog... lol

94. The last three CDs I bought were (just ordered from an online club, so this was easy) Kiss Greatest Hits, Steve Miller Greatest Hits, Hootieand the Blowfish.

93. Are you living at home? Uh yeah.

92. Are your parents divorced? No.

91. What did you do yesterday? Tried to not throw up.

Do you believe in…
90. Love at first sight? Yes.

89. Luck? Yes.

88. Fate? Yes and no.

87. Yourself? As much as I can.

86. Aliens? From outer space: meh, why not?  I am not that arrogant to think we are 'it'.

85. Heaven? Yes.

84. Hell? Not the traditional version, but yes.

83. Ghosts? I am definitely open to the Other Side and its occasional bumping into this one.

82. Horoscopes? No.

81. Soulmates? Yes.

Which is Better?
80. Hugs or Kisses? Both.

79. Drunk or High? Hello, I'm 42, this does not apply. lol

78. Phone or Online? Well, as I said up in the top somewhere... I do like the online!  LOL

77. Red heads or Black hair? Huh... not sure.

76. Blondes or Brunettes? On men I always preferred brunettes.

75. Hot or cold? Cold.

74. Summer or winter? Winter

73. Chocolate or vanilla? Depends on what it is!

72. Night or Day? Both, for different reasons.

71. Oranges or Apples? Apples, but I can do oranges.

70. Curly or Straight hair? How about in betweenish wavy?  lol

Here’s What I Think About…
69. Politics:  A subject to be avoided here for me, at least.

68. Backstabbers: It will only happen once.

67. Parents: Mine are wonderful, generous and lots of fun!

When did you last…
66. Hug someone? Earlier before the kids headed off for bed.

65. Kiss someone? Same as the hugs!

64. See someone? I can see Hubby sleeping on couch, a cat and the dog.

63. Cry in front of someone? Earlier today having a discussion with Pumpkin about something she did to her brother.

62. Who is the ditsiest person you know? Me, but in a good way!

61. Who makes you laugh the most? Hubby and the kids... a lot.

60. The last movie you saw in theaters? Beowulf... and it was awesome.

59. What I don’t understand is… string theory.

58. The most unsatisfactory answer I’ve ever received is… 'I don't know, what do you want to do?'  Don't you hate that??

57. Something I will really miss when I leave home is… uh, warmth, because it is cold outside?

56. The thing that I’m looking forward to the most… right now, is seeing everyone at Christmas! 

55. The thing that I’m not looking forward to is… the end of the holidays, when everyone will go back to work and school.  :-(

54. Tomorrow: is Thursday.

53. Today: was a sore one.

52. Next Summer: is too far off for me to comment on right now!

51. This Weekend: is the beginning of everyone's vacation!  YAY!

50. People call me… Dawn, usually.  Or mom or mommy!  lol

49. The most difficult thing to do is… raise kids, also the most important and worthwhile thing I will ever do.

48. I have gotten a speeding ticket… but it was easily 20 years ago!

47. The first person I talked to today was… Hubby when I woke him for work.  I am his alarm clock.

46. First time I had a crush… it was on Donny Osmond. 'And, they called it Puppy Love...' You know you can sing it... don't deny it!

45. The one person from whom I can’t hide things: Hmmm... I don't know.  Probably my Hubby.

44. Last timesomeone said what you were thinking: The Hubby!

43. Right now I am talking to… no one, I'm blogging and all else are snoring.  I am debating taking another 1/2 of vicodin, but I don't sleep well with it.  But, my hip is killing me... ACK!

42. What is your dream job? Being a mom, and a published writer! 50% there... lol

41. First job? Envelope stuffer for my mom's boss.  He overpaid me.... it was great!

40. I want most: to get into a medical remission and be able to do more, exercise, and lose some weight.

39. I wish: for health, wealth, happiness, and love, for my family and friends.

38. The worst sound in the world is… your child crying for real, not because they didn't get their way.  You know what I mean...

37. The person that makes me cry the most: Hubby... kids... it's a toss up! LOL

36. Best sound in the world: my kids laughing and giggling and telling me they love me.

35. Person who makes you happy: My family and friends!  Can't choose one!

34. Cats or dogs? Oooh!  Both, of course!

33. Didn’t want to be… can't come up with anything.

32. Which Golden Girl would you be? Ma, Estelle Getty's little firecracker character!

31. MySpace or Facebook: Neither.

30. Mexican food or Chinese? Either, depending on my mood!

29. My favorite piece of clothing: My pjs!

28. My favorite color(s): Again?  Hello?

27. Last time I cried: another repeat question!  duh!

26. My friends are… the best!

25. My computer is… just a click away!  lol

24. Last person at whom I got mad: I don't remember, probably Hubby.

23. Person on whom I secretly crush: Also, Hubby... lol

22. Favorite Song: This changes all the time... right now, 'Please Come Home for Christmas' BonJovi

21. Paper or plastic? Paper.

20. The all-time best movie(s) I’ve seen? ACK, a few would be, Moonstruck, All Harry Potter's, All Star Wars, Casablanca, Gladiator, Monty Python, Ghostbusters, James Bonds, okay... stopping now...

19. The all-time best feeling in the world is… enjoying the blessings in your life and feeling the joy!

18. Favorite scent: vanilla, cinnamon

17. What color is your hairbrush? Teal

16. Favorite shoes: Merrell's

15. I lose all respect for people who… whine all the time and don't appreciate their blessings, especially good health.  When you don't have it, it really irks you when you see people squander it!

14. Color of your room? My bedroom is sage with white trim.

13. TV channels you watch: The networks, Discovery, TLC, History Channel, PBS, NatGeo, ESPN etc.

12. Best feature: in a man, sense of humor, my Hubby makes me laugh like no one else!  Mine? I guess, my eyes, not much else left! lol

11. Worst habit: I guess that would be... being early all the time.  I have sat in more parking lots early for things... lol

10. The worst pain I was ever in was… having my wisdom teeth removed.  I would take the 30 plus labor hours followed by the c-section again, but I would NEVER do the wisdom teeth again.  OMG, it was a nightmare.

9. Best memory: Wow... so many... At this time of year, I think of the great Christmas memories I had from my childhood.  One favorite is the year my Uncle Larry (who just died this summer) slept in our bathtub!  LOL

8. Favorite TV show: CSI, Criminal Minds, NCIS, The Unit, Grey's

7. My favorite celebrity couple is… Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

6. Favorite stuffed animal: My Teddy.

5. My weakness is… Godiva Chocolate.  Yum.  Cannot refuse the Godiva.

4. What I like about the opposite sex is… that they amuse me, what with the dumb stick and all... very entertaining in and out of the bedroom! And, they kill bugs.

3. Who broke your heart? Oh geez, who cares anymore?

2. One thing that makes me feel great is… singing Dominick the Donkey at the top of my lungs with Hammer today!  How can you NOT feel great and smile!!!

1. One person that you wish you could see right now? My grandma... it would be so nice to have her here with the kids!!!

So, did you make it to the end???

If you did... wow!!!  Fun, huh?  Now you do it! 

be well,


eml625 said...

I didn't realize this was counting down untill I got to 15...geez. More coffee for me, I guess I'm not awake.
Cute answers. The repeats were funny too.
I am going to be singing that Dominick song all day now !!!
((((((((( HUGS ))))))))))


sangrialel said...

wow that was a long one!  I love the new cd's you got.  I would listen to all of them!  Linda

astoriasand said...

You share the same birthday as my eldest son Dawn .No wonder you are very clever he is too LOL!! Loved the answers.Have a great day. Hope you are feeling a little  better,you have got to be feeling brighter singing Donminick The Donkey.I am rofl just now thinking about it Haaa.Take Care God Bless Kath

deshelestraci said...

I will have to do this.  I'm sort of ready to come back to journalling.  Not as long a break as I anticipated but what the heck?

wwfbison said...

I loved reading your answers.  I can tell you love hubby very much and are a terrific Mom ~ your family is very lucky.  

queeniemart said...

KISS and Steve Miller, huh? i love your taste in music. If you dont mind, can we exchange addresses? I will email you mine...i'd love to know yours for 2008 and your bday. If not, i understand totally.
HUGS, lisa jo

chat2missie said...

I think that's the longest meme I've ever seen!

coelha said...

Long Meme..  It take me two days to do this one!!  I'm sorry about the hip pain!! I hope you are feeling better!!  Julie :)

justplainbill said...

Dawn, surprised to find my favorite saying in you meme.
"49. The most difficult thing to do is… raise kids, also the most important and worthwhile thing I will ever do."
Have said that for years and know it is true.
Admire your perserverance in completing this meme.
Have a great weekend, Bill

tenyearnap said...

#38 I know what you mean. That is the worst!
Donny are too cute!
#11 Me too!!
#4 My man gently takes the bugs outdoors. In the winter, we let them stay in the basement. Mostly spiders.

That was HUGE! I could do some of this but not all. You ARE The Meme Princess!

cacklinrosie101 said...

LOL..really nice meme.  The kitty pictures have me howling.  Love the cat in the pear tree.  HUGS Chris

sunnyside46 said...

oh, Dawn, Donny Osmond, really?
oh, well, Bon Jovi and the Boss make up for it.
I think my first crush was Micky Dolenz of the Monkees, so I shouldn't talk.
I am dying to read Double Cross. It's the first thing I'm buying after Xmas.

randlprysock said...

Wow, this one is the creme de la creme mother of all mother memes!   LOL.  Loved the answers.... Christmas is my favorite too.  I was chuckling when it asked what did you do yesterday and your wrote tried not to throw up...LOL.   And the answer to are you living at home now, your answer um yeah!  LOL.  Hope you have a great Christmas!!!

toonguykc said...

I hope you were drowzy enough for sleep by the end of the meme!  

(haven't the cheezburger cats been awesome lately??!!)


nay0114 said...

WOW... I made it that was the longest meme ever. I really learned alot about you. I will save this one and probably do it in sections and then when I'm finished post it. Hope it made you tired. By the end of that your hands should have been in pain and made you forgetabout the hip.
Take care, Chrissie

mleighin21st said...

String Theory?  I don't even think I want to know.  Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with all your family.  
                          Peace,  Leigh