Sunday, March 30, 2008

Feelin' Groovy

You've asked for it... so here it is...

Some of you may remember pics of my shagadelic kitchen from a meme I did last June. 

For all of you who don't remember or didn't read me then... here ya go.  Shield your eyes... the 1970 horror of it all may be too much for your delicate constitutions...


Okay... I warned you... see the little designs in the Disco countertop?

Here is one more to show the horrid detail of the cabinetry.

See the ugly gold glittery details?  The frightening Harvest Gold of the no longer working compactor/garbage can? 

I hope you can sleep tonight.  Remember, you asked for it!!!!  LOL

I will be happy to show you pics as the work is happening.  Supposedly, it will be a quick job, but in this 'money pit' we call home, anything can happen! 

For instance, I forgot to share this gem with you. 

Friday morning my dad went to put in a load of his and mom's laundry at 5am, just before he leaves for work, and found that our hot water heater was apparently leaking.

AND, had been for quite some time because our basement was innundated with water. 

Yep.  Murphy's Law of Homeownership.  As soon as you commit to a huge job costing a whole heap of money, something else totally unrelated will break and you will be forced to replace it with money you don't want to spend.  <sigh>

The worst part is that this mishap of water damage has basically sealed the fate of the new floor Hubby laid as the foundation for finishing the basement.  It will have to be redone now.  We need to avoid mold underneath at all costs.  Between Fuzzy's asthma and my health issues... it is a must. 

Thankfully, our plumber came and replaced it, and Hammer with my mom's direction, was able to vaccuum up all the water mess. 

Never a dull moment around here, that's for sure! 

be well,


lv2trnscrb said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the new kitchen!! actually, your old kitchen looks kind of cute!! I'm not much of a decorator and the thought of workmen in the house all day would keep me content with what I had, LOL; thankfully we are renting which even makes me more content with what I have

hope all goes well quickly with it :)


coelha said...

You have a clean and tidy kitchen--something to be proud of Dawn!!  Of course, after the remodel it will be a more modern looking, and clean tidy kitchen!!  YAY!!!  Families spend so much time in the kitchen--it will be a nice treat for your whole family!!  :)  Julie

momiscool2 said...

lol - I have a bathroom with cabinets with that design on them and a counter top the same color as yours!!!!

I'm hoping the 70's comes back in style lol.

looking forward to seeing the new kitchen!


nightmaremom said...

I had Austin Powers green shag in the living room when I moved it.  LOL   Oh the thought that someone thought it was nice.............. LOL
Sorry to hear about the water heater

ukgal36 said...

I hate that Murphy!!
Can't wait to see the new kitchen...
have a good week

glensfork4 said...

I am sitting here giggling to myself. When my parents bought their 2nd home, it was out of an Austin Powers movie I had GREEN shag carpet on the main floor with gold wallpaper with black velvet design on that...I was getting married in a few months and thank the good Lord above they took it off & got new carpet....can you imagine the dreaded wedding photos with that? UGH.

sorry about the water heater...when it rains, it pours.


adlessor said...

Can't wait to see your new kitchen.  How exciting.      Dawn

deshelestraci said...

June....I'm supposed to remember something from June.  LOL  It is so lovely.  Can't imagine why you want to fix the beauty that is those cabinets!

krmprm said...

So happy for your getting the new kitchen.  I totally need one, too.  I like the ones you selected.  I would like light color but my woodwork is dark so I am still debating on it.  Plumbing problems are terrible.  Hope everything is smooth sailing now.  Stay happy.  Pat

wwfbison said...

Yeah, I think you are due for a kitchen upgrade!!  I don't think you were reading me over the summer but our water heater had been leaking too.  We didn't notice it until the well pump blew out....long story short, we had to rip out the drywall & insulation because it was covered in mold!!  The darn mold still keeps coming back but with a dehumidifier running it helps.  Doug has asthma too and since we've gotten that mold out he has been doing much better.  Can't wait to see the new kitchen!!!  How exciting for you!

tenyearnap said...

As someone who is very bothered by mold, I agree that you need to keep it out of your house at all costs! That stuff will kill ya. Really.

You are going ot be so thrilled with your new look. Yep, those white and gold cabinets of yours are gross...but I do like the counter colors. I know...I'm sick. I still can't believe that you picked out the same stuff for your kitchen that I did mine in...We are soooo cooool! hee hee

nyylynnc said...

Hi Dawn.  I'm wondering why your photos don't appear in your journal... I'm just showing those small boxes with the red 'x's' in them?  Any reason for that that you know of?  Good read, btw. :) God bless...(the RA stinks, I know!) lynn

klconard1 said...

Congrats on the kitchen!  What all are you planning to do there?
I've seen this kitchen before in my first house lol.
loving you

chat2missie said...

I can't wait to see before and after pictures.  You are right.  Those cabinets are horrible! LOL

corinebosak said...

Hi, I have NEVER blogged before on AOL, this is the very first BLOG I even opened!  The CARPE DIEM caught me, as that is what I have on my cell phone.  Then, I noticed KITCHEN remodeling.  Just did THAT!  It was pretty crazy and the kitchen is still not completely finished.  Many odds and ends need to be done and the contractor vanished into thin air, because we stupidly paid him his full amount, with a promise that he would come in and do the rest of the stuff in a WEEK...well, that was four months ago.  
Then, I noticed you have a child with Aspergers Syndrome, and I am a special ed teacher with a special interest in Autism.  
Then, I noticed that you have some real physical challenges, but manage to read and to write.  I am currently writing a book, and read everything I can get my hands on!  I marvel at your will power and your sense of humor with the trials life has handed you.  What do you enjoy reading.  
My husband is very ill, he needs a liver transplant but it looks like he won't get one...I've been dealing with his illness for 5 years now, and am getting pretty worn down.  I TRY FOR A SENSE OF HUMOR, but sometimes, it is tough.  
I'd love to hear back from you, and I can share pictures of my own remodeling nightmare here.  Our home was built in 1967 and the kitchen was the original.  YIKES.

Corine Bosak
South Gulf Coast of Florida

pharmolo said...

I've seen a lot worse, Dawn. Sorry to hear of the flooding mishap, not nice.

ekgillen said...

That's a really coooool kitchen! :)  Bet you can't wait to get started!!

cacklinrosie101 said...

Rolf...Dawn, that kitchen is now considered "vintage."  Dang, you had more water damage on that basement floor.  You can't win for losing.  Sounds like my luck, though.  HUGS Chris

gazker said...

That kitchen looks like a hookers bedroom ;-)
Gaz xxx