Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Calling Doctor Love

I am really missing Hubby and my boys tonight. 

I have this really vivid memory of us driving in the car in Vermont and singing KISS 'Calling Doctor Love' out loud with Hubby.  We were holding hands and the kids were rocking along with us.  So, that is the song title for tonight.

Pumpkin is feeling the lonely tonight, too.  I just got her through a little crying jag.

Pumpkin wanted me to stay near her as she fell asleep, so I did this meme.

Past and Future Meme


Ten seconds ago  I was trying to decide whether or not to do a meme.
Ten minutes ago I was calming down a melancholy Pumpkin Muffin who was shedding a few tears while missing daddy and her brothers.  (daddy a lot; the brothers, just a little)
Ten days ago was the Saturday after the 4th of July and I think we just relaxed most of the day.
Ten weeks ago was sometime in the beginning of April and I would actually have to read in my blog archives to tell you what the heck was going on in my life then! LOL
Ten months ago was the beginning of the school year for the kids, and it started really late due to construction at the school!

I remember my Pumpkin Muffin being really mad about that and crying when we got the call!  The year started finally around the 19th, I think! 

Ten years ago Hammer had just completed kindergarten, and I had 2 toddlers, 3 1/2 and 1 1/2 to deal with also!  Busy times...


Ten years from now I can't even imagine what life will be like!  I do hope the kids will be out of college or near to being out.  I hope they will be happy and settled.  I hope that I will still be generally healthy, and able to enjoy some 'couple' time with Hubby!
Ten months from now will be next May and it will be so very busy as Fuzzy will be nearing 8th grade graduation!  AND, Pumpkin Muffin will be going on her 6th grade outdoor education and team building trip to a Ymca camp from a Wednesday to Friday.
Ten weeks from now will be near my Hubby's birthday on September 20th, and it heralds the beginning of my favorite time of year.  Fall, and all the holidays fast approaching!  Yay!
Ten days from now will be Saturday the 26th and I have no idea what I will be doing!  LOL
Ten minutes from now   I may be getting off the computer and heading to bed!
Ten seconds from now I will be copying this meme from my test journal and into my regular journal for your enjoyment!  LOL

Well, that was the meme!  It did do its job, which was to get my mind distracted and for Pumpkin Muffin to fall asleep while listening to the 'tap tap tap' on the keyboard.

Tomorrow, Ilene and I will drive out to the camp for a visit!  I can't wait!  I really do miss them.  I will be able to make it through the rest of the week after getting some hugs and kisses tomorrow.

Pumpkin Muffin is spending the day with her friend, Tiara.  She doesn't want to miss her bowling.  I also think that she knows she would get too upset seeing her dad and having to leave him again.  It will work out better this way.

I forgot to tell you all that the Jimmy Buffet restaurant 'Cheeseburger is Paradise' that we went to on Saturday night was really good!  They made GREAT margaritas (I only had one but I thought of you all) and all the food had an island twist to it.  We shared a giant sampler of appetizers, and then Hubby and I both had the quesadilla for dinner.  Dessert was chocolate nachos... OMG, awesome!  I would recommend it, if you have one near you!  The website is the name with no spaces and .com.

Well, time for me to read a page or two and try to sleep. 

be well,

ps... can you tell by tonights lolcats that I am missing my honey?



lv2trnscrb said...

what a cute meme!!! (((Dawn and Pumpkin)))

so glad you get to see the boys tomorrow; at least you can report how they are doing to Pumpkin. I'm sure hubby misses you just as much if not more!


psychfun said...

Cute pix! I'm watching the All Star game...that is exciting!

I'm back...come visit!

sdoscher458 said...

I need to go to sleep too, but I am watching the Allstar Game, and it's going into extra innings. Also I keep watching wondering if I'll see Kenji he is suppose to be there shooting photo's of all the guys at play.  He's been working so hard on this Allstar game..lot's of work to it. I know you miss your honey and the kids too..but sometimes it is really good for the guys to bond with us around...lol...be well, love, Sandi

coelha said...

Good meme..  If I was so tired I would do it right now...  Wow..singing KISS songs in the car---what great memories you are creating for the kids--they'll remember this all and smile when they get older.  I grew up singing Beach Boy, Bee Gees and Beatles songs..great times.  Have a fun visit with the men folk.  Pumpkin Muffin is so sweet missing them...  Hugs - Julie

astoriasand said...

I hope you had a good nights sleep Dawn along with Pumpkin.I understand where you are coming from on the missing hubby so much.Enjoy your visit.Loved the meme and the graphics LOL!! You Take Care and God Bless you all.Good to be back reading your posts.Kath astoriasand http://journals.aol.co.uk/astoriasand/MYSIMPLERHYMES

nightmaremom said...

yes I can tell you miss 'em ....   today will be a good day of hugs and kisses... so sorry Pumpkin is feeling down.. maybe bowling will help cheer her up.
hugs to you my friend

eml625 said...

Aaaw, poor Pumpkin.....my son likes when he hears me typing when he's nodding off to sleep. Modern day lullabyes I guess !! LOL
I hope you get your fill of kisses and hugs today !

wwfbison said...

Love the pics you chose...awwwww...sorry you girls are missing the guys so much!!!  Your driving down the road singing sounds like one of those moments you'll hang onto forever.  Sounds so nice.  

pharmolo said...

I've only just come back, Dawn, so I don't know how long your other half will be gone. But he'll have some welcome, I'm sure!

chat2missie said...

Ahh, poor  Pumpkin missing her daddy.  That's so cute.  Enjoy it now, cause when they hit the older teenager years, they'd rather no parent was home! LOL

justplainbill said...

Dawn, let the boys have a men only time. We need to get away from the females once in a time and have a campfire and sing songs, etc. They will be back. Bill

I just finished your last meme posted on here http://journals.aol.com/justplainbill/JustPlainBill/
I think I will pass on the 10 meme, they tire my brain with all the questios.

gazker said...

Hello Dawn, You girls need some girly time. Let the boys go and play. Whe they get back don't act too excited, ya don't wanna let the side down.
Gaz xxxx

deshelestraci said...

I hear you about missing the missing ones.  We haven't heard from Emma so that is good.  Bella isn't missing Emma at all.  I can't wait to go get her tomorrow night!
I want some chocolate nachos...

swmpgrly said...

ill do the meme when I find time...lol

helmswondermom said...

I love these lols!
I'm glad you get to see hubby tomorrow for some hugs and kisses to tide you over.  Hope he gets home soon!  I really enjoyed that meme too!

jmoqueen said...

Awww sorry to read that you were missing your hubby :(  I hope you managed to make it the rest of the week.  Bless Pumpkin too.........Great meme.



ekgillen said...

Okay~forger my last comment!  You answered it! :)

randlprysock said...

Your memes are always so wonderful.  Maybe now that we have our first year out of the way of getting settled into our new home maybe I can actually start having some fun and do some of them!!!!  Yes, I am playing catch up on all my alerts.... it has been so terribly busy!!  You are a good mom and keeping Pumpkin close by!

sunnyside46 said...

I love how close your family is