Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Do You Wanna Know?

This is a perfect Lolcat to depict our evening family time.

We all gather to watch tv together as a family.  All the kids, all the pets. 

Inevitably, someone farts. 

Might be a cat...  Might be the dog...  Might be a kid... Or Hubby...

Without a doubt though, from that point on Pumpkin considers it a challenge to have the 'best' one of the night.  Best = loudest and grossest odor, just in case you don't know.

9 times out of 10, she succeeds!

<sigh>  Yeah, so much for having the Pretty Pretty Princess after two boys!  LOL

Here is a meme I found!  It was fun, with different questions, so give it a try and let me know if you do.

1. My uncle once: won a NJ State Demolition Derby contest.
2. Never in my life: have I sky dived, or will I sky dive.

3. When I was five: I had long blonde pony tails, loved kindergarten, and was reading already for two years.
4. High School was: not my favorite time of life.
5. I will never forget losing: my camera case in Gettysburg; there was $50 in it that Hubby had just given me for spending money.
6. I once met: Eli Manning and Jeremy Shockey.  Yum.
7. There’s this person I know who: could tie cherry stems in knots with her tongue.
8. Once, at a bar: a guy poured his beer down my shirt to make his own 'wet tee shirt contest'.  He was thrown out.  Hard.  I knew the bouncer! ;-)
9. By noon, I’m usually: awake.
10. Last night: Pumpkin and I colored a
Mandalas.  It was relaxing.
11. If I only had: a brain.
12. Next time I go to church: Christmas, to the actual building 'church'.
13. What worries me most: Something bad happening to my kids.
14. When I turn my head left, I see: the treadmill and Star Wars miniature toys collecting dust.
15. When I turn my head right, I see: Fuzzy, who is sitting here watching me and reading over my shoulder which I hate.
16. You know I’m lying when: I never lie
.  (Fuzzy says I am lying.)
17. What I miss most about the eighties: Just that feeling of being free to do whatever with my friends.  And, hairbands.  lol
18. If I were a character in Shakespeare, I’d be:
The Tempest: Miranda , because she was kind, loyal and naive a bit, like me.  I always look for the best in all and everyone.  Sometimes you are disappointed, but usually when you expect it from people, they try to give it to you.
19. By this time next year: Hubby should be at a new job and things should be much better in the finance department.  If we are blessed  for it to be so.
20. A better name for me would be: Daphne  (a family joke)
21. I have a hard time understanding: intolerance, fundamentalism, extremists, or anyone who believes that 'their way' is the only way. 
22. If I ever go back to school: there is so much I would want to study/learn.
You know I like you if: I split the last coffee with you.
24. If I ever won an award, the first person I’d thank would be: My parents, Hubby, and kids.
25. Take my advice, never: step on a Lego with bare feet.  Ouch.
26. My ideal breakfast is: Eggs Benedict, no Canadian Bacon, with extra hollandaise on the side to put on the hash browns.  Yum.
27. A song I love, but do not have is: The version of Billy Jean that David Cook sangon American Idol.  I did have it, but lost it in an unfortunate hard drive cleaning incident, and now it is no longer available.  :(
28: If you visit my hometown, I suggest: that you visit me, and go to our 2 favorite restaurants.
29. Why won’t people: do the kind/nice thing all the time?
31. If you spend the night at my house: be ready for animal company!!!  LOL
31. I’d stop my wedding for: N/A  already hitched! 
32. The world could do without: soda.
33. I’d rather lick the belly of a cockroach than: eat one!  lol
34. My favorite blonde is: me!  What?  Doesn't that count?
35. Paper clips are more useful than: staples.  duh.
36. If I do anything well, it’s: being a mom.  A daughter?  Not so great.  A wife?  Feh.  A friend?  Could be better. 

But, mommy?  I know I am good at that.  :-)

This is a fun one isn't it?  I like when the questions are unique and ask things I haven't said or done before. 

Anyhow, we had bowling today.  It was a mixed bag.  Each of the kids had one good game and one that was not so good. 

Tiara and Pumpkin are watching Movie 3 of the Harry Potter DVD Marathon they started a few days ago.

Fuzzy just ran a mile on the treadmill.  Now, if he does that everyday, that would be really good for him!  :-) 



gazker said...

I noticed that you were'nt on the list of persons who fart. As my Mum told me, Mothers don't fart, they glow gently......... YEAH RIGHT!
Gaz ;-)

sugarsweet056 said...

Love the kitty fart taggie, LOL!
Hope your hump day is going well.

chat2missie said...

Enjoy your evening.

mleighin21st said...

Gaz stole my comment!  Mothers never have to admit to things like that when there are so many others around to blame!  ;)~
I love this meme.  I'd do it tonight, but have to get up at 4am so it's beddy bye time.  
                                                                                        :)  Leigh

martygord said...

Hi Dawn,
I'm with you on the Eggs Benedict.  Yum.

lv2trnscrb said...

oh my; never a dull moment at your house!!!

that was a cute meme!!! like you, I like the different questions it asked; I might have to do this one; we'll see


randlprysock said...

Way to go Fuzzy... I can never run on my treadmill... I only do walking on it... fast pace but nonetheless the old lady walk is what I do LOL.   Hope you have a great Thursday!

eml625 said...

Awesome Fuzzy !! It's so good for our children to exersice.
I liked this MeMe.... I might do it : )
You had some great answers. The bar / wet T-shirt story sounds interesting !
Big hugs for you today

sangrialel said...

LOL my daugther does the same thing and she never grew out of it cuz at 23 she still does the fart thing!  I on the other hand would die if I farted in front of someone else!  Linda

wwfbison said...

I love both pics.  Oh man, my dogs always let out a doosey when we are finally sitting down for the night and believe me, they can clear a room!!! LOL
Loved reading the meme but without soda??????  Nah, I am an addict and need my soda!!!

glensfork4 said...

Very cute......


toonguykc said...

Something about uncles and demolition derby just seems like a natural fit somehow.  ;)


tlgf1968 said...

a gift for you, my friend =)   <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

sunnyside46 said...

I like that meme
If I can still stay awake, I may attempt it
I am so glad my family is not the only one who farts....Mariah swears she doesn't and has great disdain for the rest of us.