Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wake Up Little Dawnie

So, yeah, the alarm went off at 9am... I hit snooze.  Or maybe I didn't... I'll never know for sure, but this I know - the phone rang at 10am.

And, I was not up and ready, I was in la-la land. 

It was Mish's mom, wanting to know if I would mind her driving with me to bowling and what time would I be there?  ACK! 

As soon as I hung up, I screamed at the 3 boys, Fuzzy, Mish and DogBoy, to get dressed, 'It's time to go!'  And, then called 2 mom's for other arrangement confirmations while I dressed.

Thankfully, they had fed themselves breakfast, and I shuffled them into the car within ten minutes.  I don't know who brushed their teeth or who didn't.  I did. 

Off to the town pool first to drop off DogBoy for swim practice.  Then, shoot to the other side of town to get Pumpkin, and her friend M (who was not bowling but was coming to watch), then back to the other side of town to pick up Pumpkin's friend Tiara (who is bowling).  Last but not least, I picked up Mish's mom, just around the block from Tiara and shot off to the bowling alley, about 2 miles away in the next town. 

Phew!   Don't ask me how, but we made it by 10:40am!  Yeah!  Then, we signed up the kids, and I actually had time to get a cup of coffee at the cafe before the bowling started at 11am. 

They bowl 2 games in this league and at the end of 10 weeks they get a Marvel Comics ball and bag.  They can't wait.  Tiara doesn't have a ball at all, so she is especially excited!  

Pumpkin bowled a 101 her first game, but tanked her second somewhere in the 50's.  Fuzzy bowled a 111 and a 145 and was very happy! 

After bowling was over, I had to drive Pumpkin and M back to M's house.  Then, Tiara home to hers, but the girls were all meeting back up for lunch and swimming at M's.  Pumpkin will finally be coming back home at 5pm today.

I dropped off Mish's mom, and then drove with Mish and Fuzzy to Burger King for lunch.  Grabbed it and headed home to eat with Hammer, too. 

I thought I could settle down for a rest before tackling the vacuuming, but I was wrong.  30 minutes after lunch, the boys decided to meet DogBoy at the pool for the afternoon.   I dug out a spare suit for Mish, the boys changed, and I drove them off to the town pool.  I have no idea when they will come home... I told them to call.

Mish is staying for dinner tonight, and might sleep over again. 

Back home, where Hammer and I relished the relative quiet for about a half hour, when I then decided to tackle the vacuuming!

I have been just chilling out reading journals for about an hour now, and I am really pooped! 

The good news is that Hubby is home early!!!  Yay!  Now, he can do all the afternoon pick ups!  YAY AGAIN!

Oh, did I forget to mention that I did ALL of that running around with the gas tank on empty and the truck 'dinging' at me repeatedly!  Ack!  I wanted to kill Hubby, but I didn't because I am too tired!  LOL   But the truck is gassed up and ready to go!

Just tattoo TAXI on my forehead and paint me yellow! 

I am not really complaining, because I love it!  All of it!  I just hate the part where the day started without the alarm doing what it should have done!!!  That stunk!

I hope your alarms all behave today!

be well,



coelha said...

I got pooped just reading your blog today, you busy bee!  LOL..  :)  Julie

deshelestraci said...

Can you just tell me please what it is like to sleep until 10am?!  I really can't remember.
BTW,  I just finished the Spellman Files by Lisa Lutz.  HILARIOUS.  You must read it.  I'm not sure I'd buy it since it took less than 2 days to finish.  Library for sure.

sugarsweet056 said...

Busy aren't you? Maybe this wkend will be calmer for you.

martygord said...

Hi Dawn,
Sounds like your body is telling you that you need more sleep ... I know that feeling!

jeanno43 said...

I feel exhausted just reading it!  So glad you visited Sugar because I found your link again which had disappeared into cyberspace along with several others. Putting you back on alert.

sunnybethe said...

WoW, You are a Great MoM!  hugs,  Bethe

swmpgrly said...

my god when did you have time to breathe

justplainbill said...

Dawn, forget whatever I said this morning on you post from yesterday.
You are now officially Super Woman and Mother, as far as i am concerned. . Bill

rdautumnsage said...

And I thought living with Doc was demanding. Wow, I'll say you gave the taxi service in your area a ride for their money. I agree with Bill your superwoman. (Hugs)Indigo

wwfbison said...

Oh my gosh, that is alot of hustling around!!  I don't know that I could have pulled all of that off just waking up.  I saw on tv you can go approximately 30 miles after your gauge says empty or the warning comes on...I never tried it...yet.  ;)

lv2trnscrb said...

LOL; this brings back memories of taxi-ing my son and his friends around; you are a good mom to do this and I know your kids appreciate it!!

that sounds like fun with the bowling to get a ball and bag at the end of the league play; I bet the kids are excited for that!

my alarm did behave itself this morning when it rang at 4:50 a.m. and we behaved ourselves too, LOL, and got up to go to the gym :)


mleighin21st said...

Actually, mine didn't.  Thanks for the reminder, I have to figure out what's wrong with it.  ACK!  I just love the top Lolcat!  You've been busy, you deserve a long rest and I don't think yellow would be your color.  ;-)
                                                                       Smiles,  Leigh


chat2missie said...

I got so used to Nicci driving herself around and now that her car at the body shop, I've become a taxi driver again.  UGH!  Enjoy your day tomorrow.

sangrialel said...

I hate rushed mornings like that!!  Linda

helmswondermom said...

I don't like rush around/run around days like that.  Glad you go everyone where they needed to be!

sunnyside46 said...

you are wonder woman!