Sunday, January 6, 2008


I couldn't get my journal to let me do an entry all day yesterday and earlier today. 

Finally, AOL decided to let it work!  Ack!

First order of business, to give you the link to the author of the book in the last entry!  He runs a novelty website, and there are a total of three books!

Here it is: Ephemera

You can't help but laugh as you go through the sites items!

Yesterday was Caturday!

So here is a smattering of Caturday lolcats!



I just love the tic tac one... lol

Yesterday was bowling!  Fuzzy's friend Russ had his highest game ever, a 145!  Fuzzy and Pumpkin did okay.  Pumpkin got 2 strikes in one game for the very first time!  She was thrilled!

Fuzzy had a birthday party, so the four of us went to the Cheesecake Factory.  It was very good.  We split the Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake for dessert.  OMG... heaven.

Today we undecorated.  Hubby did most of it, with the kids help.  I hate taking the tree down, but don't mind the rest.   I had some ready to go in boxes, the village had to be done, and a few other odds and ends.  Hubby at all the big figures put away already.

Yesterday, before bowling, he and the boys undecorated the outdoors.  :-(  I miss all the lights already.

I did my second shot of Enbrel on Friday night.  I rushed it.  I did it when it was too cold, and now I am suffering for it.  I got my first ever site reaction.  A big red, hot, sore, itchy round spot.  I put on some cortizone cream and took a benedryl.  It has helped, but it is still there.  Ack.

Well, time to go for now... Pumpkin and I have been playing UNO like crazy, so this kitty is for her.

be well,

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queeniemart said...

our tree is still up. I hope your site where you had the injection doesnt bother you too much. I havent been to a Cheesecake Factory in about 2 yrs...its just about my daughters favorite place to go. They have such HUGE portions that you can eat the dinner for 2 days.
Sounds like bowling went well. HUGS, lisa

donejustwrite said...

We're still decorated...  the Epiphany isn't over until tomorrow so I guess I'll spend the rest of this week doing little by little in the evenings, I suppose.

coelha said...

Oh my God..  I love the Jesus magnet!  "Jesus is coming..look busy!"  LOL..  I'm sorry you got a reaction.  :(  Cheesecake Factory, godiva cheesecake is calling my name, but I must be strong... Have a good Sunday evening!  Julie

astoriasand said...

Once again the kitties are brilliant so funny LOL!! I love the UNO one haaaaa.I don't like taking my decor down Dawn.Boo-Hoo.It has taken me almost all day long.PHEW it is hard work.All packed away now though nice and neat.Everything looking  so bare.I am sorry to read you are suffering I hope your itchy spot soon heals.Grr.Things like that drive me barmy.I suffer with a very sensative skin and many meds do not agree with me or other products.Ouch itch itch.grrr.Enjoy your evening.The kids did great at the bowling .Pumkin 2 stikes Yehhhhh.Take Care God Bless Kath

sugarsweet056 said...

Just popping in. Love the cats! LOL!!!
Godiva cheesecake, yum yum!
AOl has been giving me lots of probs too. grrrr
Have a good week,

nay0114 said...

I miss playing cards. Glad you guys are having fun bowling. AOL has been a stinker last night and today. It's really quiet on here today which is probably why.
Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

deshelestraci said...

I love Caturday!  The uno one is great!  and the not brushing hair one!
Sorry about your site injury.  Yuck.  

luddie343 said...

Dont you just go livid when AOL doesnt "let" you do something?!  Once again, Caturday had me in stiches esp "no needs 2 brush hair" lol love these!!  Hope you're well and happy my friend.  xoxo CATHY

wwfbison said...

Oh these pictures are just great ~ I love them!!  I like the no need to brush hair one...LOL.  Ouch on the injection....I do hope it starts feeling better soon.  Have a nice Sunday!!

pharmolo said...

I was sad taking the tree down too, Dawn. Sorry to hear you had a reaction to the Embrel - you knew what to do, which is all that matters.

lindaggeorge said...

Love the cat pics.

We took our trees down yesterday and then went to a Wassail (traditional 12th Night, now Christian, formerly Pagan celaebration). I shall try to do a Blog about it.  

Take better aim with your needles dear!!!

Linda x.

tenyearnap said...

Oh, Dawn, be careful with the injections, you poor thing. Remember to treat your skin like you would a very expensive cashmere sweater...with emerald a Ferrari.
;-) Cin

libragem007 said...

I LOVE all your caturdays picture here and the one that sez "itz ur turn..'
Good idea to bring the best out of furry feline.

aw gosh..I still have my tree up!

Gem :-)

nightmaremom said...

I had issues tonight... GRRRRRRRR took me forever then poof worked like a charm.   Most of the decorations are down... tress is no longer decorated but still standing.. maybe get it tomorrow night.

toonguykc said...

I had to uninstall and then reinstall AOL yesterday...this happens every three months or so.  SIGH


chat2missie said...

Last night Nicci and I just sat and went thru the Cheezburger site.  I never laughed so hard! LOL

sangrialel said...

Thanks for the link! Linda

glensfork4 said...

Our tree is still up....UGH...

Me and a friend from work were looking a Cheezburger cats on Saturday believe it or not and laughing hysterically....


mleighin21st said...

With the static electricity I've been dealing with I feel like the Lolcat that's saying "no needs to brush hair."  Or is it that's what my hair looks like?  Anyway.....     I think we're removing the garlands and putting some of the lights back up.  They brighten up the place.  So sorry to hear about the site reaction, that's painful.  
                                           Smiles,  Leigh

eml625 said...

Our internet has been down over here....ugh.
I hope your feeling ok by today. We love Uno!
Have a good day

randlprysock said...

WOw your tree is down all ready!  I am so slow!!