Sunday, January 13, 2008

Welcome to the Jungle

So, here we are hopefully watching the Giants kick Cowboy arse!!!  Woohoo!

This is going to be a nailbiter! 

Did you see the blizzard that the Green Bay Packers played in yesterday?  OMG, it was wicked cool!!!  The way football is supposed to be!!  I was happy that they won, too!  Go Brett!

I was also pleased that New England won.  I know, there are many Patriot haters out there... but I just love Tom Brady.  To me he is a young Brett Favre.  A born winner, and a hard-working quarterback.

I was very surprised that Peyton and the Colts lost today.  Their defense was non-existent, and they just fell apart.  I don't think the Chargers looked much better, just luckier, and I think that the Patriots will eat them up next week.

Enough football.  Yesterday, Pumpkin and I went out for breakfast with Ilene and Peanut, her daughter.  Our hubbies and sons were away camping together, so it seemed right!  LOL

Then, Kathy and my nephew J arrived in the afternoon!  Yay!  We had a nice dinner at the Longhorn Steakhouse together, with my parents.   J was so excited to be sleeping at Aunt Dawn's and even got to sleep with Pumpkin, which really thrilled him!

Kathy had a rough night.  She couldn't sleep!  I felt so bad.  She tossed and turned.  Her day at school went good though, and she is set to start the last semester taking 2 classes for her Master's!  She will have 2 more classes but is taking one in the summer semester, and one in Fall. 

The boys trip was a lot of fun!  My Hubby, boys, Bob, and DogBoy were in the cabin with the Webelo group that Fuzzy was the Den Chief (mentor).  This group is going to bridge over into Boy Scouts in about 3 weeks.  Very exciting.

The boys (all of them) had a 5 mile hike on Saturday, and also started preparations for their Metalworking badge.  They also split wood on Saturday, and as a good deed, split enough wood for the next several weekends of campers at these cabins.

The big news for tonight is the incoming snow storm!!!  PJ's will be worn backward, and the kids are already making plans for their day at home.  We will see... Remember, our school year started late due to construction, so the Board of Ed is going to be very, very reluctant to shut school for snow!  Of course, the kids are convinced that they will have no choice.  4-7 inches isn't exactly a blizzard, although it will be nice!!!

In other news, my injection site was barely visible yesterday, and today it was gone.  No itching or swellling.  I am so relieved that it was much better this week. 

To those that asked, no, the shots are not having an impact yet on my disease.  That usually takes a few weeks, or even months, but I am hopeful still!

Well, back to the game!

be well,


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deshelestraci said...

Hope the kids get their snow!  I could go for that bowl of candy at the top there!  I'm hungry.  Waiting on hubby to get home with food.

emabecmar said...

GB was an awesome game, I like the patriots. They are 17 and 0. Superbowl material and winners in my book. Have a nice evening. ((((((hugs))))

wwfbison said...

Green Bay was a great game and I agree, watching a game in those conditions is the way football should be!! I like Brett too, I think he is in a league by himself compared to many of the younger players of today.  I hope the Giants win too ~ we'll see, it is almost over!  Happy to hear your injection site is doing well and that you had a good weekend without the guys around.  Sounds like they were kept very busy.

rdautumnsage said...

Sounds like the girls and guys all had a pretty good weekend. I'm missed the game
With the Packers yesterday, I would of loved to have seen a game played like that. Glad the swelling has gone down. Keeping you in my prayers on the smoke the shots begin working and doing their stuff for you. (Hugs) Indigo

toonguykc said...

One Manning lost and one Manning won....interesting.


dpoem said...

I need to buy some tickets, I guess.  


P.S.  You color commentary was considerably better than Joe Buck's.  

lv2trnscrb said...

I'm actually very happy the Chargers won! seems like a great scout outing and I think its nice they split the wood for fellow campers in weeks to come. Seems like you got a handle on your injection/site this week; hoping the next one will be just as smooth and sooner than later you will feel some benefit from it!

and of course, I hope your kids get their snow day tomorrow :)


swmpgrly said...

Im a pats fan living in MA. I better
I am even more a fan of Tom Brady...he is soooooo

libragem007 said...

kitkatz? I LOVE those! lol..
I've enjoyed the kitty quotes..

Gem :-)

queeniemart said...

both of the kitty pics are a riot. Sounds like you enjoyed your glad the boys had a good time and that you got to go to dinner and also enjoy yourself. It is a blessing that your injection site was not hurting.
hugs, lisa

astoriasand said...

Sounds the boys had another great time camping Dawn .Whoo-Hoo.Good on them at cutting the wood.I am happy to read your injection place has no swelling etc and that all is well regarding the itching too.Great news.All meds no matter what take some time to kick in don't they ?I am not much up on the the teams being English but I did vote for four on Donna's  journal .I hope I was lucky and won them all LOL!!Son rang from USA yesterday and I managed to hear him say New England and Green bay had won yeh hthats two out of my four I voted would win .I find it difficult hearing on the phone but I heard that result LOL!! Have a brilliant Monday Prayers continueing.Stay warma and well God Bless Kath astoriasand

eml625 said...

How 'bout those Giants???? Woohooo!!

Glad your injection site is looking/feeling good. You enjoyed a nice weekend without the boys ......

brendaspears97 said...

Burrrr...bundle up and stay warm.


glensfork4 said...

I just cleaned so no football for me....except the last 4 minutes of NY/Dallas....

Glad you had a wonderful weekend.....Love the last graphic....


sangrialel said...

I love Longhorn Steakhouse!  I love just about any steakhouse come to think of it!  Glad you had a good time.  Linda

mleighin21st said...

Let's Go Giants!!!    I'll be rooting for the Giants next Sunday!  Not a big Green Bay fan.  
What a nice thing for the boys to do, leaving more fire wood.  Glad their trip went so well.
Hope you get through your "snowstorm" in good shape.  If they miss too many, the schools just add the days to the end of the year.
I'm glad that your injection site behaved.  Sounds like you're on to something, taking the benedryl, and making sure the medication is room temp.  Are you required to change the site each time?  Or is there enough time in between that you can use the same spots?  Hope you'll see the results you need from the Enbrel.
                                                Hugz,  Leigh

tlgf1968 said...

sounds like sunday was a great day overall for your household -- esp. with the  giants big win!  =)  i like brett & tom brady, too.  it's hard not to when they are both such hard workers and seem to enjoy playing so much!  the colts game *was* a shocker, wasn't it?  can't wait for the title games and, then, the super bowl.  do you think we'll have an historical 19-0 team?!

alwaysireneann said...

Always a good thing when there's "no itching and swelling"!!!!  The cat pictures are hilarious!!  I'm an Eagles fan...BUT I have to say I am rejoicing (just a little) that the Giants triumphed!!!  Feel well and know you are in my prayers!!  Love & Hugs ~ Irene

cacklinrosie101 said...

WTG to the Giants!  I was glad Green Bay won also.  The Patriots...blah, yeah I like Tom Brady; just can't stand the team in general and wish someone would knock them out.  LOL..don't think that will happen.  Maybe the Giants?  Glad the boys are home safe and sound.  I'll send you an e-mail about the stuffed peppers.  There really is no set recipe; just an old Slovak thing.  HUGS n Love, Chris

sdoscher458 said...

Sounds like you had fun, good. The boys probably had a blast, doing the guy things.  While you are having snow, we had 79 degrees with a little humidity...and that awful fog that so many crashes occured in...(over 70 vehicles) of course, our state in their infinite wisdom decided to burn some brush...which contributed to not being able to see at all. I can see lawsuits all over the place. Take care and throw a snowball for, Sandi

sunnyside46 said...

I'm glad the injection sites are better adn I hope they start working soon!