Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Alive and Kicking

In a play on Poltergeist, the movie, 'I'm baacccckkk!'  lol

Last week, was NOT good.

However, on Sunday, the kitchen was completed, backsplash and all. 

The floor still isn't done, though.  We have to go order that soon.

Here is a close up of the backsplash, and one of four decorative tiles in a coffee theme, of course:

I will post pics of the others over time... I took this picture at night and it doesn't do the color justice because there wasn't enough light.  I will retake some pictures soon.

Fuzzy had a week from hell last week.  It became obvious that trying to keep him off his meds at this time for allergy testing is just not going to happen.  So, back on all his meds he went. 

They are just getting up to speed now, and no, he was not able to do the Junior Police Academy.  We were all very disappointed. 

At least he made it school yesterday and today!  And, we were back at the doc, and fine tuned his meds a little, today, too.  Not much we can do.  The pollen counts are off the charts and his body/immune system is under attack.

Pumpkin Muffin even had a rough week, getting a rash all over her arms after playing outside in whirlwind of pollen.  Ugh. 

Anyhow, after many days of working on it, all the kitchen is finally put back together.  Phew... glad I don't have to do that again!

be well,

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inquestoftruth said...

Very nice kitchen....love the backsplash!

krmprm said...

It looks absolutely beautiful, Dawn!  I love the backsplash with the coffee tiles.
I forget,  what kind of flooring are you getting?  Waiting for more pictures.
I have had bronchial pneumonia for three weeks, finally getting better.  May
have something to do with pollen count so high.  Hope your kids are better.  Pat

coelha said...

I noticed that you hadn't put in an entry, and I was worried that your son got worse..  I'm glad he is better--but there is nothing worse than having sick kids--it's a constant worry!!  I'm sorry!  :(  Your kitchen is beautiful though!!  I'm glad you got your special coffee tiles--very nice!!  :)  Julie

chat2missie said...

The kitchen looks awesome!!

lindaggeorge said...

Thought you had been quiet!! Allergies are a nightmare but am pleased to say mine seems to have subsided a lot, I think that has a lot to do with improving my diet. More fresh veg and organic meat seems to have made a big difference, I suggest you try less processed foods, it really does seem to help.

Would love to see the kitchen in daylight.

Linda x.


swmpgrly said...

I am soooo jealous

rdautumnsage said...

Loved your kitchen! Sorry to hear about Fuzzy and Pumpkins allergies. This is the first time ever I've had to deal with allergies. I'm guessing on my part it's an age thing. I ended using Claritin and it seemed to do the trick, thankfully! I love being outside too much to have that be a major problem. (Hugs) Indigo

justplainbill said...

Sorry you all had sucha bad week and hope it will be better from now on.
The kitchen looks beautiful. Great design and installation.
Enjoy it, Bill

sdoscher458 said...

Oh poor kid, I know spring is rough on allergies. The humidity came back down here and I had trouble with breathing as soon as it hit. You need some heavy rain to get rid of the pollen a bit. Hope he feels better and Pumpkin too...love the kitchen it looks terrific...betcha can't wait to cook...love, Sandi

nightmaremom said...

awwww so sorry the kiddo's are suffering....   sending Fuzzy some strength to get thru the season.   I love your kitchen!!!   Beautiful... and I bet you're glad it's done

sugarsweet056 said...

It's coming together beautifully!!!
Big hug for both kids. {{}}

sangrialel said...

The kitchen looks awesome!!!  Linda

martygord said...

Hi Dawn,
Great new kitchen.  Congrats on that.  Allergy season seems to be especially bad this year ... too much pollen everywhere!

glensfork4 said...

Your kitchen looks wonderful!!!!!! I am so excited for you. I would so love to redo ours but it's not in the cards right now...maybe sometime. Sorry about the kids, I know how they feel I have allergy induced asthma and it is bad for me. Tony has been using his nebulizer like crazy as not to use his rescue inhaler all day.

Hope tomorrow is a better.....


wildautumn1 said...

Your kitchen is beautiful!  I love the coffee tile!  Love spring, but hate the allergies.  Doesn't it feel like we are allergic to everything?!  Glad things are coming along!  Karen

lv2trnscrb said...

kitchen looks great!!!

poor Fuzzy!!! and poor Pumpkin!!!

take care of yourself Dawn


cherry2sweet2eat said...

thats a gorgeous kitchen its turning out to be.

randlprysock said...

Just absolutely breathtakingly beautiful!!!  Love how your kitchen turned out!!!  So lovely!!!

helmswondermom said...

Well, it looks gorgeous.  Can't wait to see the other pictures.
Poor Fuzzy (and Pumpkin, too).  I hope he gets to feeling better soon.

wfhbear said...

So sorry you've had such a bad week (and the kids, too).  I assumed that too much was happening for journal writing.

Love the kitchen!  

Glad to hear the kids are getting back together.

eml625 said...

Sorry about all the bad stuff going on. I sure hope the kids are better.
I'm glad the kitchen is all done, yours was so fast, mine took months !!
big hugs,

ksgal3133 said...

Your kitchen looks wonderful :)
Hope you all stay well!


wwfbison said...

Your kitchen is awesome...love the tiles you chose.  Sorry you had such a bad week ~ hope it gets better.

jmoqueen said...

Glad the kitchen is done :o)  It's looking great xx  Poor Fuzzy and that he's still suffering and now Pumpkin Muffin too :(  I sure hope you'll get a week soon where you won't be worrying about a member of the family being ill xx



deshelestraci said...

When we were in the ER there were several kids hooked up to oxygen.  I could only guess these kids had asthma.  Hope the boy is better.  And the girl!
The kitchen is stunning.  Makes me want to cook!

mleighin21st said...

Sorry you had such a rough week.  Pollen season goes on for so long, from one plant to another.  Hope this week's going better.  It's gotta be rough on Fuzzy to feel so bad.  The kitchen looks wonderful, especially the decorative tile.  Take care of yourself and family.  
                                               Hugz,  Leigh


tenyearnap said...

I love the coffee themed tiles! Hope your pollen situation clears soon. --Cin

cacklinrosie101 said...

Your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous!!!!! Love that coffee tile on the backsplash, LOVE IT!  Yikes, what a difference.  Hope Fuzzy is soon feeling up to snuff.  HUGS Chris

ekgillen said...

Your kitchen looks amazing!!!

sendflowers2me said...

I DO love that kitchen...great looking back splash!  Hope you're having
a better week.

donejustwrite said...

The kitchen looks fantastic!  I am so jealous...  we start our project next Tuesday (my burst-day!).  I will take pictures, but someone has to walk me through how to post...