Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Say What U Need to Say

So, apparently, once I write about Fuzzy being healthy, that is an immediate jinx.

I don't know if it was being outdoors doing the marching drills on the freshly mowed grass or if it was the glue smell and dust from the countertop installation but whichever/however - Fuzzy was sent right back into asthmatic distress. 

He stayed home from the Police Youth Academy yesterday and today, and is back on all his asthma meds.  We know the specialist wanted to do the allergy blood work in the midst of his 'bad' season, but we cannot afford for this kid to be sick anymore. 

The police have been wonderful and understanding; in fact, the officer I spoke with today has 2 kids with asthma and they have been having a bad year, too. 

We expect Fuzzy to be able to attend Thursday and Friday.  Please, keep your fingers crossed and keep him in your thoughts.

In kitchen news, we had our first construction 'delay'.  The plumber cancelled yesterday and is coming instead today.  Supposedly, soon.  I am waiting for him now. 

Pumpkin and Sporty have been having a great time together.  Right now, they decided to go outside and practice 'set ups' for volleyball.  Bless their little energetic hearts!  lol

I am finishing coffee number 1 and will be heading to get coffee number 2 shortly!  LOL

be well,

ps... A little Dr. Who for my Sci-fi loving readers... lolcat style!


wwfbison said...

Aww, I am sorry to hear Fuzzy has had such a setback, Bless his heart.  I will keep him in my Prayers.

tlgf1968 said...

will definitely keep Fuzzy in my thoughts [poor kid]!
your kitchen is looking smokin' hot!
no jinxes here -- lucky you that there have been few delays and great work.
have been slogged with homework [coming up on finals week] but will have a reply for you re: my last entry, soon.
have a great day!

tenyearnap said...

My fingers are crossed for Fuzzy.
Hey, we have that same Dalek toy...EXTERMINATE! --Cin

astoriasand said...

Love the kitty graphics Dawn LOL!! The latter one is so funny he-he.Oh it's so sad that Fuzzy keeps having to endure these attacks.I feel so sad for him.I do hope the meds soon kick in and he feels better quickly.The girls sound to be having a good time.I think I'll just go make my tenth  cuppa today,you have set me off again Mmmmmm LOL!!I'll be at the loo all evening Heeeeeee.Have a great day Hope all goes well with the kitchen and no more hold ups.Take Care God Bless Kath......... Fuzzy is in my prayers as you all are.astoriasand

mleighin21st said...

Maybe you need to develop a code to mention things like health, colds, asthma, allergies.  That way the great sneeze gods won't know what you're talking about.  Hope Fuzzy's feeling better soon.  
Love the first lolcat!

chat2missie said...

Poor Fuzzy!  Keeping him in my thoughts and prayers!!

sdoscher458 said...

Hope he feels better soon. I suffer from it too, so I know how awful it can be not to be able to breathe right...mine started only a few years ago. It's got to be even harder for a kid with all their energy wanting to do stuff. He and your whole family are in my thoughts and, Sandi

coelha said...

Poor Fuzzy!  :(  I just heard on the news this morning that this allergy season has been the worst in years!!  I guess it's the same in NJ.  I'm sorry--I hope he is feeling better and off of these meds soon-how frustrating!!  :(  Take care-and don't get sick!!  Julie

lv2trnscrb said...

poor Fuzzy!! I hope he is able to enjoy some of the things for spring break and the Police Academy;

hoping the plumber delay won't be a long one and you'll be back in construction business soon for the kitchen


cherry2sweet2eat said...

poor fuzz my allergies have been acting up but not to bad i hope i have a good season this one around.

wildautumn1 said...

I really feel for Fuzzy. Will definitely keep him in my prayers.  The little white kitten is adorable!  Karen

pharmolo said...

It's getting into the hayfever season, hope Fuzzy will be OK. Hope also, Dawn, that your builder has turned up by now

deshelestraci said...

Prayers for the boy!  I hope he gets to feeling better soon.

helmswondermom said...

Oh no!  I'm so sorry for Fuzzy.  It does seem to be really bad this year.  Even my minor seasonal allergies are worse than they usually are, so I can imagine it could be really bad for someone with asthma.

martygord said...

Hi Dawn,
I hope Fuzzy gets well soon!

ksgal3133 said...

I hope Fuzzy starts to feel better soon!


eml625 said...

Poor Fuzzy, I hope he starts feeling better soon.

glensfork4 said...

Tony has been having ALOT of breathing problems too - that Nebulizer is doing double duty the last few days.....

Hoping  & Praying fuzzy is breathing better today.


jmoqueen said...

So sorry to hear that Fuzzy has had a set back bless him :(  Hope he managed to get to police academy xx  Hope the kitchen gets sorted soon too x


bgilmore725 said...

I'm hoping your son rebounds from the asthma attack soon... it has been a horrible season for asthma sufferers around here as well (NC).  Have a good week!. bea

ekgillen said...

I hear a lot of people are having a ton of trouble with asthma this year!  Hope he is feeling better!

sunnybethe said...

Oh no!  Asthma sure is scary.  
hugs,  Bethe  

lindaggeorge said...

Oh, not again!!! Just when I thought you had some good news!!

Catherine has suffered her worst asthma ever this winter, so maybe it is the weather conditions.

Linda x.

toonguykc said...

"...being outdoors doing the marching drills on the freshly mowed grass or if it was the glue smell and dust from the countertop installation..."

probably a combination of all the above.  Hope he recovers soon.


ukgal36 said...

Your Kitchen is gorgeous!
have a great weekend

sunnyside46 said...

tell the Fuzz  i hope he's better soon!

gapurplescorpion said...

I hope Fuzzy was able to enjoy Thursday and Friday.  I hate to hear that he is suffering right now, but hopefully it will be better soon.  I'll keep you all in my prayers.  Hang in there!