Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Kitchen Remodel - 8pm Yesterday

Well, the cabinets were installed complete by 8pm last night!

Here are the pictures...



The refrigerator is working, but that is it for the appliances.  The double oven and warming drawer have to be connected by the electrician.  The dishwasher is in place but still needs the plumber.  The plumber will also hook up the sink, and the range/stove top, but that isn't until the countertop arrives and is installed. 

The countertop guy is here making the template right now for the Corian.  The sink is molded right into it, also made of Corian. 

Yay!  I have no complaints.  The Sears coordinator calls and keeps you informed each step of the way.  I haven't had a contractor show up late once.  Usually, early in fact.  It has been as pleasant an experience as it can possibly be!!! 

On the family front, it seems that Pumpkin's illness was not allergies but a cold, because we are all dropping like flies!  LOL

Fuzzy, unfortunately, always gets it the worst, due to the asthma.  He had a horrible night, and has been on the nebulizer for treatments all night and day today.  I am hopeful for school tomorrow, though.

Hammer, Hubby, and myself, are all suffering to a lesser degree.  So far it is just in our heads and we are taking our cold medicines since yesterday!

If you could keep your fingers crossed for me that it stays away from my lungs, I would appreciate it!

In other news, Hubby dropped off my December MRI cd at the super neurosurgeon's office on Monday.  The doc's assistant said they would call me Thursday and let me know if I need to come in for a consult or not.  Hopefully, not, as that would mean it has not grown at all or only slightly.

I hope everyone is well!  We have sun shining today, it is very nice!

be well,


coelha said...

What a beautiful kitchen!  I love your oven!!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you get good news in regards to your MRI..  Hugs - Julie

wwfbison said...

You won't believe this but we were just looking a refridgerators and the one I picked out is identical to yours!!!  We didn't get it (yet) ;)  I love the idea of the molded sink and I just corian, that is what I would use without a doubt.  How totally cool, I bet you are just chomping at the bit to get in there & cook & decorate and all that good stuff.

mleighin21st said...

Oh, it looks so good so far!  I'm sorry you've all got the cold bugs there-I have something, maybe an allergy(small).  Enjoy your sunny day and keep us updated on the progress in the kitchen.  I'll cross my fingers-but only while I'm not using them.  ::giggles::
                                                 Smiles,  Leigh

ktkamanski said...

Ooooo ~ Everything looks so nice and shiny. Love the new cabinets. Take care and enjoy this whole experience you lucky lady. Have fun,

cherry2sweet2eat said...

looking great!

dpoem said...

I want...  I want...  I want...  

I'll hook up your double oven and stove top...  IN MY OWN KITCHEN!



lv2trnscrb said...

that is looking fantastic!! its amazing how fast it is coming together; sorry about the colds; hope you all feel better soon


chat2missie said...

Everything is looking good!

tenyearnap said...


I'll cross my fingers for you as much as I can on this snowy, arthritis-paining day.

pharmolo said...

Looks good, Dawn, hope it is finished on time and as ordered - looks very like it will be. Hope the cold doesn't last too long

deshelestraci said...

It looks great!  I love your double oven!  How cool!

swmpgrly said...


klconard1 said...

Wahoo!  What a great start on the new kitchen!
loving you

nightmaremom said...

Kitchen looks great!!!!!   Sending good thoughts your way...   keep us posted on that call.

cacklinrosie101 said...

They are really moving on your kitchen.  Hope you all get over your colds quickly and praying that no consult is needed with your MRI.  HUGS Chris

eml625 said...

I cannot believe how quick it's going. Lucky you. Mine took months !!! It looks gorgeous too !
Praying that all is ok with your MRI.
Big hugs,
Ellen said...

looks beatiful....loving the appliances....good luck

adlessor said...

Hope you are all feeling better soon.   Your kichen  is coming along beautifully.  I'll be saying some prayers for you.       Dawn


sunnybethe said...

Hey Girl~Looks like it's all coming together.  Go my fingers crossed that everyone will feel better tomorrow.

hugs,  Bethe

martygord said...

Hi Dawn,
The kitchen looks great.  I hope the MRI looks great, too.  Am praying for you and sending positive vibes.

sdoscher458 said...

Wow, from empty to almost full....your kitchen will be beautiful. I love the appliances, especially the dutch fridge with the freezer on the bottom and the fact that they are stainless. My daughter wants to redo her kitchen to in all stainless. Hope the shots start working for you soon dear....hang in, Sandi

jmoqueen said...

Hope you don't have to visit for a consult xx  *fingers crossed* for that and that you won't get the cold in your lungs.  The kitchen is looking fab :o)  Sorry to hear that everyone's feeling poorly though :(


ukgal36 said...

kitchen looks so good! wow!

sunnyside46 said...

best wishes and love...also wow what a kitchen!

ekgillen said...

I can't believe how quickly your kitchen has come together!  I so want to redo my kitchen but we have decided to start a bit smaller! :)

lurkynat said...

way to go Dawn!