Monday, October 24, 2005

Coffee and Weather

I am happily able to lift my coffee cup to my mouth and back to the computer desk without any pain!  Hooray!

Prayers and good wishes going out to the people of Florida who just had Hurricane Wilma whip through there this morning.  Wilma surprised everyone as she gathered up strength again to a Category 3 and speed as she flew across Florida at 20-25 mph. 

This isn't going to be Wilma's last hurrah yet either, more on that coming.

Here in NJ we are back in the land of gray, since Friday.  No sun, just gray cloud cover.  We even had more rain, as if any part of NJ needed it after getting about 15-20 inches in one week, just the week  before. 

I know we shouldn't question Mother Nature, but, dang, we have more rain coming... why???!!!

Starting later today, we will be getting pummeled with more rain from a Noreaster that started in the Ohio Valley.  Tomorrow, in the very early am hours, it will join up with Storm Alpha and Wilma and have a party over the entire Northeast Atlantic States. 

The weathermen have assured us that it isn't quite as bad as the 'Perfect Storm' of 1991, but it will be pretty darn close.  We are going to be getting tons of rain, again, 5-10 inches depending on where you are located, and wind 50-60 mph, with gusts in the 75 mph range. 

I can assure the weathermen that this sounds pretty much exactly like how I remember that Noreaster in 1991, but hey, they get paid to do this, I don't.  If it isn't as bad, it is definitely bad enough!

In 1991 the ground was not saturated from a week of torrential downpours like it is now.  I am very concerned for all of those in flood areas.  This is truly an unbelievable amount of rain in a short period of time, and one on top of another, no one here has caught their breath!  The rivers and resevoirs are so swollen, it is a sight to see, and does not bode well for tomorrow's storm.

Hubby may work from home tomorrow, since they are predicting the Eastside and Downtown subways in NYC will all be flooded tomorrow and there will lots of service disruption.  Then, add all the weather chaos above ground, and staying in NJ seems to be a good idea.  Thanks to the digital age, he can work on his laptop and Blackberry without a hitch.  Unless, the service goes out, which could happen in a storm like this one.

I will most certainly be staying in the house and nesting!  It would be a perfect day to bake some bread and some brownies, both of which I have ready to go, however, my oven is still broken.  :(   Oh well, c'est la vie.

My joints are screaming today, in response to the increasing drop in barometric pressure.  Especially, my fingers and wrists.  <sigh>  Life with RA.  Life with Lupus.

So, I will drink my coffee, it will warm my bones and energize my mind, and the weather, well, it will be what it will be.

Mother Nature should kick back and relax with some Dunkin Donuts Cinnamon Blend coffee, I think she would ease off some of this fierce weather if she did.

Be well and safe,



sbrlzc said...

Oh my goodness! This has been a bad hurricane season. We're getting rain too, I miss the sun even though I can't be out in it. I hope you guys don't get flooding. Ya'll don't need any more rain. I know we went from drought conditions to too much rain in the week that Katrina's after affects came through. It feels like it's been raining ever since.

I'm sorry to hear that you're joints are bothering you today, mine too. I think mine is temperature related. It went from 85 to 40 almost over night it seems.

Keep us posted on the rain!


meforevermore said...

Ugh, that's awful. Too much rain for sure. Hope it eases up too. We're still showing from the 8 inches we got here WEEKS ago. Oh well, it'll dry up eventually...

Hoping you get better weather!


lv2trnscrb said...

My, you guys are being just as hammered as to south of you with the hurricanes. And we are trying to recuperate from a seven year drought. Go figure. I think Mother Nature's coffee should be decaf. Perhaps slip in a Valium tablet to calm her down some.

Hope the coffee warmed your joints up.


lrttklly said...

Hmmm... I am thinking of heating up some coffee now... you got me going!
I was chatting with my neice, Christine (environmental scientist) recently. Don't blame Mother Nature for this one. I think we are going to find that people have been messing up the whole balance. (ie: Global Warming from industrialization).
Stay safe and dry. I noticed that NJ got a ton of flooding recently.
Now to that coffee.
Oh... maybe you could microwave brownies?
Never mind... really bad idea.

fisherkristina said...

Here in PA starting at 8 PM and going until Tues at PM we will have rain and snow.  It is already freezing out there and my muscles are killing me.  Not too good for my fibro.  The problem is this is not too good for me, b/c I never got a chance to get used to this colder weather, it just went right into it.  Oh well, maybe I can find some hot chocolate.  Or maybe mocha will work.


sdoscher458 said...

Oh boy stay safe. We had terrible winds and rain early this am from the hurricane. I can remember a few of those nor-easters when I lived in NY they are nothing to mess with. I really think we have messed with nature and now it's getting us back....stay safe my friend....Sandi

jckfrstross said...

No rain or snow here just cold i have been cold since yesterday:)


jouell3935 said...

YEAH for the coffee!!! Cant be having injuries to prevent this!!! Hee is raining now...Jerry(the man) looked at me earlier and with a very sad voice said, "its never going to stop is it?"
Soo sad...Like we had just a few days of fall.. :(

Batten down the hatches...and be safe!!!!

sazzylilsmartazz said...

I'm in Delaware and our weather is much the same as yours. Gray. I haven't heard we're going to get rain yet. Whatever. It sure beats a hurricane. But the season 'tis still ripe. Yay for the coffee:-)~

eml625 said...

I agree with Betty and slip Mother Nature a Valium to calm herself. I Cannot believe we are getting more rain. UGH !!!!!!!!!!


libragem007 said...

oh the's cold and wet!

that coffee sounds good! you like tea?
Gem :-)

bosoxblue6993w said...

how i miss DUNKIN DONUT'S coffee.    they don't have D.D. here.    we have to take out a loan and buy one at STARBUCKS.

stay dry

sangrialel said...

I hope the weather isn't to bad for you!  Since mother nature can't do the D.D. cinnamon blend coffee, I think you should do the kicking back and relaxing with it for her!!! I will help you too!  Lelly

tillysweetchops said...

Sorry to hear the weather is aggravating your pain. My grandmother suffered terribly with RA and it was always worse when it rained. Let's hope the weather clears up soon.

Tilly x

wfhbear said...

There is nothing better for a rainy day that DD Coffee and a couple "Old Fashioned" donuts. Wish I had a DD here in Las Vegas. I suspect that all of you NJ people are going to wake up with webbed feet real soon. You are sure getting rained on. Try to keep dry. Regards, Bill.

jeanno43 said...

Hope it does not get too bad for you.  They say we are going to get part of Wilma at the end of the week.  We are getting very strong winds and heavy rain now.  Like you I ache so much when the pressure changes.  Oh well, we can only batten down the hatches and stay warm and dry.

cdittric77 said...

Amen to that, Dawn. It's been taht way here in Gettysburg as well, and to be honest, I am DRAGGING! It's sucking the life out of me. Mother nature needs to be done giving it to us!
Peace and love,

lurkynat said...

Dear Dawn,
Have fun and you go girl!

cste609371 said...

I am happy you are able able to lift your coffee cup pain free !
Prayers and good wishes. chery~ fom new england- Ma.