Monday, October 3, 2005

Doggie Kisses

Tonight, I was outside playing football with the kids and hubby while waiting for Fuzzy's friend to be picked up from his playdate.

One of my former teachers, and now a neighbor, walked up with her beautiful German Shepherd.  Much to my neighbor's dismay, he immediately jumped up to kiss me, and much to her dismay again, I laughed and let him, all the while rubbing the scruff of his neck.

He just passed his training as a therapy dog yesterday and definitely knows better, but as my former teacher said, "He knew you would let him and like it!"  Guilty as charged, yes, I would, and yes, I do!

My dog, Libby, has the same desire.  She loves to kiss, particularly on the face, but unfortunately, she thinks everyone will like it!  The truth is that it is about 50-50, or less.  Poor Libby, she really refuses to accept it. 

It is so funny, the differences.  Some people love nothing more than getting a big wet doggie kiss, wherever the doggie wants to kiss, and the face is just fine.  You can always spot them right away, they kneel for the dog usually, without fear, without hesitation.  They are the Pro-Doggie Kissers.

Many people have restrictions, like it is okay to have a doggie kiss on the hand, but that is it, no legs, and absolutely, no face.  I call them the Restricted Doggie Kissers.  They are usually the type to approach the dog more cautiously, I assume that most people fall into this category and try to keep Libby from getting them, and I warn them she likes to kiss and is completely harmless.

The Anti-Doggie Kisser is someone who has fear all over their face, and is very hesitant to come near you and your dog at all.  I find that they have usually been bit or just are not animal people at all.  They just have that stricken look, and then I know.

My mom is a completely Anti-Doggie kisser.  She does not like to be kissed or licked at all, ever.  My mom was bit on the face when she was a child.  Libby still tries to kiss her everyday.  Nothing like determination in a dog, huh?  She will be 4 years old in November and came to us the following February, and she still will not give up on the one person in the house that keeps dodging them.

By the way, my mom will probably leave a comment about the pictures, stating how she cannot believe I put a "gross" picture of the dog licking my leg online.  Different strokes, as the saying goes!

I have a cousin who loves dogs and animals of all types.  She will accept a lick on the hand, but that is it.  Strange for someone who has had many dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and more, at least I think it strange.  She also is absolutely grossed out by a dog licking a plate before it goes in the dishwasher.  Doesn't having a dog mean that no pre-wash is required for your dishwasher dishes?  Huh, I thought so.  I don't let her see it anymore, so far, so good.

I have no problem sharing my ice cream spoon with my cat or dog.  I have no problem with doggie kisses or kitty kisses any time, any where, anyone's pet!!

That is why they have soap and Purell for you to wash up with before you eat, right?

I was recently at my book club and the host had two adorable Boston Terriers.  One insisted on jumping into everyone's lap, at least once, and trying to kiss their face after they sat down.  There was about 12 of us that night, and I really found it hilarious watching all the various reactions, from shock to dismay to disgust to eating it right up!!!  Only about 3 of us really loved the dog and the kisses, the rest were varying stages of put-off and ready to run!!  I can't help but laugh at that... I know, not nice. LOL

I hope you enjoy the pictures above of my baby, Libby.  She is looking out the front window, scouring the neighborhood for squirrels, stray cats, and landscapers.  She rarely barks, if she does, I know that someone who does not belong, not one of our neighbors, is nearby.

She performs her watch standing on the bay window ledge as in the first picture, or as in the second picture, resting her chin on the ledge.  I love that.  She looks so cute!

Picture 3 is Libby in her usual position at my feet while I am online, given that the neighborhood is quiet and the kids are not home.  Except for Hammer, since I homeschool him, she is used to him working at the dining room table.

Pictures 4 and 5 are of my sweet girl giving me precious Doggy Kisses while I was reading journals earlier today.  Isn't she so cute!

I hope you enjoy my pictures and my entry, and I can't wait to hear in comments if you like Doggie Kisses or not!

Be well,


sbrlzc said...

I am very much a kiss type of person. Rhapsody is a kisser and does not understand that there are people who don't like it. Neither Jimmy or I care, she can kiss away. We also let her lick the plates, it's easier for me not having to pre-wash before running the dishwasher. We let her try what we are eating. She is a lot like Libby, the very friendly, very happy, wants to love.

I enjoyed this entry, but then again, I'm a dog lover.


sdoscher458 said...

Oh, hell I get down on the floor and roll with them! I miss my dog..I had a small boned Dalmatian named Katie. Someone stole her from our yard about two years ago. Eventually I'll get another pet but it hurts when something like this happens. Sandi

myheartsaysso2 said...

Well , you definitely sound like the observer type.. just like me .. as I too would have been watching everyone's reactions.. lol*Great entry.. enjoyed reading it..
Libby is also very adorable.. and yeah I'm a animal lover also.. lol* :) Melaney

dornbrau said...

I love messing with cats and dogs.  I don't mind them licking my hand, my legs, my face, but not my mouth!  Oh no!  I don't care if a dog's mouth is cleaner than a human's mouth.  Dogs lick their butts!  Ewwww!
Dogs don't mind when I kiss them though, probably because I don't lick myself, well, you know where... even if I could reach back there!

jckfrstross said...

What a cutie:)


stansgirl2004 said...

Love the doggie not a fan of the kisses lol Sorry Libby
Hugs, Marina

eml625 said...

My Shih Tzu WONT kiss !!! hardly, hardly EVER. Is there a reason for this ??? My first Shih Tzu did all the time. So , it's not the breed.


gabreaelinfo said...

Doggie kisses are the best :) .


lv2trnscrb said...

Libby is adorable; Koda wants to know if she is available Friday night for a date :)

I like doggie kisses on my hands, not face. My son doesn't mind it on his face. Koda wakes him up every morning with a Corgi kiss. One time Matt was really sick with the flu and Koda was in the bed with him. Koda kept coming to kiss him and Matt was so patient letting him lick his face. If he is that compassionate with others, then I'm truly blessed.

Loved your description of kisses and people.


mawmellow said...

awww what's a little doggie saliva !  i'll take kisses from my little 4 1/2 pound, almost 7 year old poodle anyday over some people i've seen !! LOL
oops that's a whole nother journal writing probably !!!

cdittric77 said...

I am a pro-doggie kisser all the way!!!
Peace and love,

rashgirl13 said...

I am a Dog kisser, I love them, I kiss them right back in the face!

libragem007 said...

oh here's my confessions: I am The Anti-Doggie Kisser :-(
Yes...I got bit when I was a little girl....early this year just when I was slowly letting my guard down, my 2 year old son then was attacked by a chow dog! (we didn't knew it was chow) We spent 7 hours in the emergency room and he endured painkillers and  7 stitches on his face :-(

meforevermore said...

lol Me and my grandma have the same view on doggy kisses:  Love them, but don't drown me lol I actually taught my dog to "give me kisses" lol Which he does eagerly.

My mom only TOLERATES her hand being licked and won't let him anywhere near her face lol My dad lets him kiss his face every now and then, just once, and he'll always let him lick his hand.

I'm definitely the most dog friendly person in my family lol Which is odd because I had a friend's dog bite my face when I was little lol Oh well, guess it never bothered me too much. Probably why I'm a little nervous around small dogs sometimes.

Great entry, great pics! ;o) (I'll stop before I write my own entry lol)


darlenedennis said...


octoberroots said...

I'm definetly number three  Anti-Doggie Kisses.

I had some very bad experiences with dogs when I was little,  and have never gotten over them.  Everytime I see a dog it's hard not to panic.  Especially the big ones.  I've actually come to a place where I can tolerate little ones as long as they aren't the hyper little ones.  


vortexgirl said...

I am a Restricted Doggie Kissers unless it's my mother's dog or my own.  I just don't like getting kissed by strange dogs.  I also have a cat that loves giving kisses the only problem there is that I am the only one she really kisses.  

lurkynat said...

cute friends are mostly tired of doggiekisses even though I am not and my kids are not I understand....
Howver your porr mommy probably has alot fo horrible memeories tha go along with the doggie encounter
How about children who have give up on animals? why si that?love,nat

vagabondevermore said...

I was bit by a German Shepherd.  I don't really like big dogs, except for labs.  But I will allow my cats to lick me.  Missy Kitty, God rest her soul, loved to give me kisses.  And sharing a spoon with my cats, who wouldn't and why wouldn't they.  Wonderful entry.