Saturday, October 8, 2005

Noah!!! Yes Lord????

Just a quick reminder to everyone that my entries are in purple for LUPUS AWARENESS MONTH!

I know, it is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month - something everyone should also be very aware and concerned about - men, too!

Fuzzy's football game for tomorrow has been cancelled.  Why you may ask?  In case you are not from the northeast, and you are not if you are asking...we are basically having Noah's Ark type weather.

Yup, torrential rain fall.

My town has received approximately 5 inches of rain.  In the last 12 hours.  Less than 5 miles south of here, they got 8 inches and the major highways are closed!!  And north of here by about 5 miles, also got 8 inches and they have no electricity, so we are happy with our little 5 inches and some water in the basement!

I mean, rain is good.  We were in drought status at the local resevoirs.  The problem is getting all the rain we missed since May in one day.  Too much, too quickly.

Oh, and the rain is not letting up.  It is predicted to be raining until next Saturday.  That is a bit scary.

Are any or you familiar with Bill Cosby's comic take on the Noah story?  If you are, then you will know what I mean when I say that I think Lord may start calling soon telling us to start getting our cubit measurements straight!

My poor next door neighbor just started construction on an addition to their house.  Thankfully, the house is not open to the rain, however, they were putting in a basement also for the addition.  It looks like a big 8x12 foot mud pit with 4 feet of muddy water in the bottom.  Ugh.  I truly hope it does not do any permanent damage!

The weather man said that at the end of all this rain we are supposed to have some beautiful fall weather with normal cool fall temperatures.  I really hope so, because that is the kind of autumn weather I love and my family enjoys!

It would also be nice if the rain tapered off enough to let the Yankees play. 

Be well,



fisherkristina said...

It's been raining so hard here it's insane.


eml625 said...

Last night it down poured so hard !!!  I dont think Ive seen it rain that hard, ever....I hope it eases up today a little to make it out to church.


thebaabee said...

Keep reminding everyone about Lupus and Breast Cancer Awareness.  I am trying to do that too in my journal.  It's amazing how ignorant people are about invisible illnesses.  And, how much it hurts us when they are.

It's raining here too.  Terrible downpours.  I like it though.

You be well lots of love and hugs, LuAnne

jckfrstross said...

Well look out because we are to get snow and then it heads your way


sbrlzc said...

We got a little rain a couple of days ago. I hope it lets up for you guys. Too much too quickly can cause loads of problems.

It is Lupus Awareness month. I think I'm the only Lupie with a journal that hasn't said anything about it. I don't know.... I'm painfully aware of my lupus daily, I don't know why I don't talk about it in my journal. Hmmm... might have to change that.

Hope you're doing well today.


mawmellow said...

grab your snorkle just in case !

justaname4me2 said...

Tossing you an umbrella and a paddle! Stay upland, or upstairs :o)

iscribble4u said...

The remains of tropical storm Tammy just passed thru here. The rain has finally stopped, but everything is soaking wet. I have to streatch my arms out to see if my cubits are still accurate. I'll double-check with some measuring tape. lol    

hopesingod said...

Hey, Saw your journal on Betty's site. :) Just wanted to say hello. My son has Arthrogryposis, which looks very similar to arthritis.   But I have to're a Yankees fan and you're my kinda girl... lol.  That's coming from a girl in BRAVES country.

lv2trnscrb said...

Feast or famine; downpour or drought. Never just the happy medium, is it? That is a lot of rain though! Start worrying if you see two of each type of animal walking down the road together.

What a bummer to have construction going on in that type of weather, though!


lurkynat said...

Dear Dawn,
Lupus Awareness Month good thank you!
And I'm sorry taht there is so much rain there now.
hugs, nat