Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Giving Hammer the Spotlight

Someone mentioned to me that I don't write as much about my eldest son, Hammer.  It probably is true because there isn't always much to say since he is just so wonderful!  There is usually very little conflict or drama revolving around him.

I do have a kind of funny story from yesterday though! 

Hammer seemed to have the sniffles all day.  At first, I thought it was probably just allergies, but then as the day went on it seemed more like a cold.  He didn't complain at all, he never does.  That is also part of having Asperger's.  They don't really notice their own discomfort when it comes to pain or illness.  Yet, at the same time can be oversensitive to so many other things, ie; light, sound and touch.

Yesterday, was crazy at dinner time because Hammer and I had to hurry out to his Asperger's Group that he goes to each Tuesday, and Fuzzy had football practice.  Hubby was not making it home on time, and the crunch was on for grandpa to get Fuzzy to football, me to get Hammer to his group and grandma to watch Pumpkin Muffin at home.

One minute we were rushing through dinner, the next minute we were in the car, on the way to group.  The location of the group is probably only 12 miles away, but even with light traffic it takes about 20 minutes, as the only way to get there is a very busy highway.  We left about an hour early because his group starts at the end of rush hour - at 6:30 pm.

As we were driving, I noticed that poor Hammer was coughing more than I realized and blowing his nose quite a bit.  Just as we exited the highway for the back road portion of the drive, he told me he had a headache, and he was really feeling badly. He even asked to go home.  I pulled over, and sure enough, he felt a bit warm.

I called him out of group.

We turned around and headed back home, after stopping less than four blocks from our destination.

It was my fault that I drove to nowhere and back.  In the rush of everything, I should have taken a moment to concentrate on Hammer, and then have him concentrate on himself, to evaluate how he was feeling.

Upon arriving back home, I gave him some medicine for his congestion, and ibuprofen for the headache, and sent him to bed early, at 8pm.

I am happy to report that today, the cold is much better, and seems to be already subsiding, and Hammer has no headache.  He has always bounced back quickly!  He takes after his dad that way.

I know some of you have children or know children on the autism spectrum and can probably relate to this story! 

I would also like to share that over last week when I was really struggling with my Remicade after effects and the fall, that I was so glad that I homeschool my extraordinary Hammer.

Hammer was a wonderful nurse/caregiver.  He brought me coffee, food, and other drinks.  He brought me medicine.  He put icy/hot patches on my lower back.  He gave me foot rubs and hand massages.  He took care of the dog all day, so I could rest.

And, all the while did his school work, too.

Hammer will make someone a wonderful, loving husband someday, if they will only take the time to get to know him and have patience with his differences.  Of course, he will also have to drag himself away from the physics long enough to meet someone, but I think he will!

Be well,



njmom72 said...

Aww, your Hammer sounds like an absolute sweetheart! How is he doing, does he still have the cold? My girls have the sniffles too, I think it's going around in my oldest daughter's school because I had it too and so did my husband.

~ Susan

stansgirl2004 said...

GO YANKEES!!! I expected to see the tag up LOL
Hugs, Marina

lv2trnscrb said...

Dawn, I am glad Hammer is feeling better today and that he bounces back so quickly from illnesses; that is a good fortune to have.

Its funny how different Asperger kids can be. My daughter was the exact opposite. She tended to perseverate on her illnesses and tended to think it was an inconvenience the few times I was sick and others had to care for me. Its nice that Hammer is so thoughtful and considerate :)


jckfrstross said...

Sounds like hammer is maturing nicely:)


sbrlzc said...

You have a wonderful young man on your hands, Dawn. " ) I hope his cold is gone quickly.


cdittric77 said...

Things here are going well - let's go yankees :)
Peace and love,

eml625 said...

Glad your boy is better.  My son is the same way with taking care of me , I always say, he's going to make a great husband !


vagabondevermore said...

Hammer sounds like a wonderful young man.  I am not very familiar about Asperger's, I do it's a form of autism.  I would like to learn more.  I have spoken with 2 people this wee that have children with Asperger's.  Can you tell me more?  God Bless, Hammer


lurkynat said...

Dear Dawn
Awwww What a wonderful story!Hoe old is Hammer?(((((Hammer))))
I think it is so great that he wants to help you and take the dog for awalk! How cool is that!

gdireneoe said...

Aww...poor buddy!  Hope he is up to snuff soon. the "message" ;)  C.

sdoscher458 said...

He sounds like a good kid.  He probably can feel it very deeply when you are hurting....hope he feels better, I just came down with an awful cold too just today yuck...going to go to bed....take it easy...GO YANKS....Sandi

stijoan said...

My daughter is just the same and never complains when she feels well...she has downs syndrome. your hammer sounds like a real good boy. Joanne

rashgirl13 said...

I'm glad he is so good!

jouell3935 said...

Fantastic story Dawn!!!  I find it wonderful these little connections we have with our children. I share many, yet I dont share many on all of them...Sometimes there are just those moments that are so special, and would not translate well to paper, for they are my moments and are more than just the words...this is a great story of Hammer..glad to meet him!


hadonfield78 said...

That was a wonderful story, and he sounds like a very good young man. Your right he will make an excellent husband some day.
You have done a great job of raising him.

wfhbear said...

Hey Dawn, Sounds like "Hammer Time"!! Good for him. I think he sounds like one of the "Good Guys". Regards, Bill.

gabreaelinfo said...

You glow about him through your writing.