Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Time for CarnivAOL Submissions!!!

The cat is out of the bag!!!  Time for all of my readers to send in a journal entry to CarnivAOL!!

It is very easy to do! 

1)    Look at your journal.

2)   Pick an entry you like.

3)   Send a link to that entry to Paul at this link, plittle !!! 

That's it! 

Then, Paul will send you an email when it is published!  Your journal entry will go out to more readers and maybe you will gain some new ones! 

And, who doesn't want more readers?  I mean, come on... we blog... we WANT readers!  The more the merrier!

Go... now... do it...

be well,

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klconard1 said...

OK I went now.  I did it lol.  It was easy. Thank you for the nudge!
loving you

seraphoflove9001 said...

Thank you for spreading the word! :o)

lurkynat said...

Actually Dawn you are inspiring me!
I have to put a dedicated poem up and youare moving me to do it!
Love you!natalie

plittle said...

Thanks for the pimpin', Dawn.

dpoem said...

I got nothin'.  Plus, I'm kind of afraid to look into my past entries.  There's madness there, and it's a scary place.  :)