Monday, January 29, 2007

What a difference a day makes...

Yep, that's me. 

Thank you for all your sweet comments on last nights entry. 

The snow came to be nothing.  Big bummer, but it did look pretty while it lasted.

I didn't sleep good last night. 

My hands and wrists hurt like hell.  My elbows worse.

Hammer went to hug me and grabbed my right elbow by mistake and made me squeal and jump in pain. 

Rheumatoid Arthritis sucks.  It can even make hugs hurt. 

So, I am cranky today.  My infusion of my IV Orencia is on Thursday.  That feels like a forever away. 

I am going to go and take a 1/2 of a vicodin right now.  It won't help my mood, but it will take the edge off the aches and pains.  I was in pain yesterday too, but just not as bad.  Today, it really has hit me like a ton of bricks.  I don't know why...

Sorry for my mood...

be well,



luddie343 said...

You're holding onto everyday life just fine, I'd say Dawn.  Able to be honest with your pains, still keep a sense of humor, conscious of others' woes - sounds like you're ahead.  I wish you the very least of pain and the utmost joy life offers.  xoxo

klconard1 said...

((((((((Dawn)))))))) hugs and prayers for you.
loving you

jckfrstross said...

its the weather always makes me hurt worse:( praying you hurt less tomorrow:)


tenyearnap said...

Having hugs hurt is the bottom. Hope you feel lots better after Thursday and I'm glad you got to see some pretty snow for awhile.--Cin

coelha said...

:(  Sorry to hear that you are having a yucky day!  I hope it gets better very soon!!  Julie

dwhee70041 said...

It's OK to have one of those makes us appreciate the good ones....
We still have plenty of snow if you want some.

rdautumnsage said...

(Gentle Hug) I'm so sorry you hurt, I really do wish I could carry some of the burden for you hon. Your such a sweet and loving person, here you are in pain and your apologizing for your mood? Sweetie let me let you in on a little secret here, we love ya no matter what mood your in LOL. Stay safe and loved. Indigo

lindaggeorge said...

Sorry to hear your're having a bad time.

I used to work for a lady with RA, hers started when she was 40 and I worked with her when she was 50, so I am very aware of the suffering. She had it so bad she had various joints replaced and pins in her hands, yet she would never miss work unless she was having surgery. I pray that they find a cure for this awful disease soon.

Be well.

Linda x.

eml625 said...

((((( Soft hugs )))))))
Feel better my friend.

pharmolo said...

Hope you feel better today, Dawn.

randlprysock said...

Hi Dawn!!  Hope you feel better!  My father in law has rheumatoid arthritis and I know it ails him continually.  I will say prayers and hope you have a wonderful day!!!!!  I love the snow too and wish we could all be snowed in for a few days so I can finish getting unpacked fast and have hubby at home to help with the putting beds together and things like that.  Hugs,

lurkynat said...

Dawn, I hope you will feel better on Wednesday so that Thursday is not too far away! Hang in there Buddy!