Sunday, January 14, 2007

Weekend Assignment #147

Blogfather, John Scalzi  assigned a sign generator for the weekend assignment. 

Mine is above.  

It is a 'caution' only.  I adore my kids.  Wouldn't trade them for the world, but some weeks... they really do wear me and Hubby down!

In my update from yesterday, I forgot to mention that Fuzzy fell down three stairs Thursday night, onto the metal bar of the dog gate and had to get x-rayed on Friday at the pediatric orhtopedist.  

Thankfully, no break, but he couldn't go up the ladder to his bed that night, and he slept with me and kept me awake with each moan as he rolled over. 

Of course, I did get lots of hugs and being told 'I love you, Mommy' this week.  So, it all works out in the end!

And, last night after Hubby and I left for dinner, my three kids instantly descended into a major brawl that their Grandma had to break up, with the youngest, sweet Pumpkin, being the most difficult of all.  Yeah, their guest friend was smart enough to leave the room and let Grandma sort it all out and then allow the dust to settle before he re-engaged in the play date.  Ugh.

So, again, it is just a caution... I am sure I did the same sometimes to my parents.  Actually, I know I did, but there was only one of me... and there are three of them!  LOL

Thanks John, always fun...

be well,

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jckfrstross said...

too cute:) have a great weekend:) and you know girls are much harder to raise right? lol


tenyearnap said...

haha...Yes it certainly feels that way sometimes! I know you wouldn't trade them though.--Cin

cacklinrosie101 said...

LOL..cute, Dawn.  Having three of my own, life was never, ever dull when they were small.  My two girls were always fighting; my son was always teasing them and getting them mad.  He still teases.  They do wear you out but they grow up.  Sad because it's nice to see them all independent but the holidays just are sort of blah.  HUGS Chris

mrsm711 said...

Love the sign.  I know what you mean, there are some days........left un-said.  But I too wouldn't change a thing.  It makes life worth living.  :)     Tracy

libragem007 said...

that sign hit the core of parenting  lol!
I agree with you, most days, kids remind us that we were young once.
Wonderful entry,
Gem :-)

klconard1 said...

Oh my gosh, my youngest is 29 now --- and there are still some days when that sign could be true here lol!  I rejoice with you for no broken Fuzzy bones dear!
loving you

ksgal3133 said...

lol love your sign :)
Ouch for Fuzzy! I hope he isn't too sore and I'm glad he didn't break anything!


lurkynat said...

lovely and very funny entry Miss Dawn!:):)lol!
Children can make you feel as though you are an alien huh?:)smirk
hugs and love,natalie

helmswondermom said...

I love it!!

cdittric77 said...

I loved this sign - FABULOUS