Sunday, January 21, 2007

Weekend Assignment #148 - Cats or Cheese?

Truly the silliest one to date, Blogfather John Scalzi has come up with this question for us to contemplate and comment on this weekend Cats or Cheese? 

Yes, choose one, your domestic kitty or cheese, one to have and to hold and to worship, the other to disappear off the face of the earth forever.

Silly as it is, here I am throwing in my two cents.  

Obviously, I love cats.  I have two cat related graphics on this page and I own two kitties myself.  So the cats stay and cheese goes.

 This is Pumpkin.  She is the 11 1/2 year old grand dame of the household.  The first pet that we welcomed into our home, about 2 months after we moved in!

She is my baby and sleeps with me all the time.  She tolerates the other pets and kids, but just barely, and she lets them know that.  LOL

 This is Tina.  She just turned four and is the last pet we welcomed into our house, about one year after our dog, Libby, the crazy yellow lab.  And, we are slowly breaking down this feral adoptees hatred of all things human!   Tina does love Libby tremendously, and enjoys rubbing all over her and sleeping with her.  Tina also loves my Hubby who would have chosen cheese and banished cats off the face of the earth without a moments hesitation.  Go figure. 

However, I have to say that I truly don't see living without cheese either in any world I would want to live in.  As Dan, from The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind, who lives in Wisconsin often points out, if you take poop on a shoe and cover it in cheese, it will be edible!  (paraphrasing here...)

So, there ya have it!    I would choose the cats over cheese, but it wouldn't be a world I would really want to live in.  LOL

be well,




tenyearnap said...

Very difficult decision but I am with you: keep the cats. I could live without cheese, but it wouldn't be living well. And my husband could NOT live without cats. We call him Cat Man as all cats, even the most scornful of humans, immediately fall in love with him and he with them. Oh but a life without another grilled cheese sandwich...sob.--Cin

cdittric77 said...

Keep the cats!!!!!


lindaggeorge said...

I'd keep the cats but I would struggle without cheese. How could I make cheesey leeks?

Linda x.

ksgal3133 said...

aww they are cute!


klconard1 said...

Lol what a dilemma!  If it had to be my decision, this would take so long that the cheese would all by mouldy and icky and the cats would all be grandchildren of the original kitties lol.  That would have to mean the cats would win lolL!
loving you

fibfatigue said...

Oh your black cat looks exactly like mine!  Aren't cats the best therapy?

rebuketheworld said...

Cheese here.....Cats are cute but gotta have my cheese....At least it gives me really good reasons to have long time outs in the bathroom..with five kids, I need that. ~Raven