Thursday, September 27, 2007


So, how about a meme?  It's been a while...

10 Things that you have been putting off!

1.     Pap smear.  I know... I know.. not good.  You aren't going to like the next one either.

2.     Mammogram.  I know... You see, when you live your life going from doctor to doctor, because of a particular illness, you tend to get sloppy with the rest of your healthcare.  No excuse, but it happens.

3.     Starting to make jewelry again.

4.     Poetry writing.

5.     Writing in my book.

6.     Shaving my legs.  Sorry, I know, tmi, but there it is.

7.     Transferring pics from computer to cd.

8.     Putting hard copy pics into albums.  I keep saying this is going to be my empty nest project when the kids are all at college.  LOL

9.     Getting a baby gift for my neighbor's new baby.

10.    Christmas shopping.  Yes, I am usually mostly done by now.  Dang it.

Okie dokie... It's your turn, what have you been procrastinating about? 

be well,


frankandmary said...

I wish A LOT MORE folks would put off poetry writing & jewelry making.  Sorry, but some of it is so freakin hokey ;-0. ~ Mary

tendernoggle said...


deshelestraci said...

I procrastinate as a hobby.  Except for computer time!!!!  There are too many to list!  I will say that one and two are on my list as well!

nay0114 said...

LOL just wanted to say HELLO, but I will procrasinate on doing this meme for the minute. Girl there's good tv on tonite for a change. It kills me how they save it all for ONE dang night. I'll be back. I put off everything it seems lately.
Take care, Chrissie

amy122389 said...

You're usually done with your Christmas shopping by now?!  ::Amy faints::


sdoscher458 said...

Oh, I am so far behind on things that I've lost count. I have been so involved with this jewelry thing that it's taking over. At least its working. Oh, do make jewelry, it's fun. I've been buying real gemstone loose, beads and I plan to also make some nice stuff. Oh, I found these huge lovely Tourquize (I killed that word) beads that are just beautiful, can't wait to do something with them in silver. Did you try the button on my site to the store? What do you think of the things? I've been trying to pick good stuff,, Sandi

toonguykc said...

my list would be so very, very long....  :(


cherry2sweet2eat said...


randlprysock said...

That graphic at the bottom of this entry.... that is me everyday?!  These things sound like my procrastination list... add mending to the list.... and mating the socks....

eml625 said...

I've been putting off number one an two also !!!
If you go, I'll go , how's that? LOL

glensfork4 said...

My list would surely contain more than 10 LOL. and I wouldn't even know where to start on listing it tell the truth, I am kinda afraid to make a list ;)


chat2missie said...

I don't know where I would start with my list!LOL  Enjoy your weekend.

tenyearnap said...

2, 3, and 7 would be on my list too.
OMG...I love that last pic! Mirror, mirror...hahahahaa --Cin

sangrialel said...

I have so many things that I have been putting off I know it is more than 10 at this point.  Linda

mleighin21st said...

How about the Top Ten things?  Yeah.  I'm Bad.  I am a Master Procrastinator !  LOLOL  I'll MeMe Later !  
                       Rhyming Smiles,  Leigh  ;)

rdautumnsage said...

Only 10? How about everything and anything. I can't seem to get a single thing done anymore. Of course Doc is around more as the gigs wind down for the winter. Could be......I always manage to get things done on my own. Ok, that's it , It's Doc's fault. That would be a great one for the things about spouses that irk you. (Hugs) Indigo

cacklinrosie101 said...

Oy, procrastination is my middle name.  I have a card that should have been sent a month ago still sitting in my kitchen.  I finally started yearly mammograms three years ago after a 10 year break.  I need a Pap smear.  I think it's been three years.  My house could use a total cleaning from top to bottom, and my Grizzly desperately needs a bath before it gets cold.  How's that for starters?  Hugs  Chris

ekgillen said...

I think this  the first entry I have seen mentioning Christmas shopping this year~YIKES!!  It will soon be here!