Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Black Widow

I hope you all are having a nice evening!  I have been alone since about 7:30pm, which is a treat, since tomorrow I will 5 for the day! 
Hubby and the kids are at Boy Scouts!  First meeting of the year!  Pumpkin is tagging along.  She loves the Boy Scouts, and the Scoutmaster is allowing her to join 'unofficially'.  Yay!  The Girl Scouts in our town just don't do enough learning stuff for her, and she really enjoys all the things she has learned with the Boy Scouts! 
Today was a nice today, considering the way it started!  Oh how I hate when days start like that!  I didn't even get a coffee until after the kids were at school and came back in the house and sat down!  LOL
I did get a nap though! 
Okay... I have more interview questions to answer!  I feel like a celebrity... without the actual fame and money.  Uh... okay, maybe not a celebrity!  LOL
Round 1...
1) How long have you known your hubby? How did you first meet?
I met my Hubby on 5/18/1990, my grandma's birthday (she is now on the Other Side).  We met because I worked in a the credit department of Hartz Mountain Inc. with his mom, and she was having a costume jewelry demonstration party at her home, and I went to it!   Hubby was there and we talked a bit that night.  The next Monday at work, his mom asked me if she could have my home phone number to give for him to call.  And, as they say, the rest is history!
2) I know you want to write a book, what will you choose to write about?
The book that I am currently working on is a supernatural witch/vampire mystery, with some funky and fun characters in it!  Along the lines of Kim Harrison or Charlaine Harris, if you are familiar with them!
3) I love your upbeat spirit in the face of adversity, do you know where your strength comes from?
This question blows my mind, Sandi!  Thank you, firstly, for the huge compliment!!!  I don't think I am very strong at all, but I am a happy person, and I think that is what makes it easy for me to keep a smile on my face even when things are going to crap!  lol  Believe me, I have my cranky and sad days, but usually, just that, a 'day', and then, I am smiling again!
I have such a wonderful family, I think they are what helps me the most!  I feed off of their love for any strength that I have!  I am so very blessed from my parents, to my Hubby, the kids, Kathy, Karol, and all the rest!
4) Given one wish, what would you wish for? Forget world peace, make it a personal wish.
My own really cool fully sooped-up lightweight laptop with the latest desktop publishing programs, fulltime satellite internet access, and picture editing and cataloging programs, too.  Then, I could work on my book whenever and wherever I wanted, get the internet all over anywhere, anytime, and could really work on all the pics I need to burn on discs and make theminto individual fun albums, not just picture after picture.  Sounds like I have thought about this once or twice before, huh?  lol
5) Stranded on an exotic island you are allowed only six items...what would they be?
1 -  Airforce Survival guide booklet
2 - Magnesium flint firestarter
3 - Swiss Army knife multi-tool
4 - Mirror (for signaling)
5 - Mess kit
6 - Machete
And, with all of these items, I will be able to boil water, eat/drink from coconuts, and build shelter, but I will also be able to signal planes and get the heck back to civilization and my computer!  LOL
Update: Just want you all to know, I watch a lot of 'Survivorman' on Discovery Channel, and having Boy Scout son's helped with this because I am really not a camping/outdoorsy type!!!  lol
Enquiring minds want to at Life Is Full Of Surprises
Next set of interview questions... or Round 2...
1.  What was your favorite board game from your childhood?  Do you still play it? 
I do!  It is Scrabble!  I love to play it with the kids!  They are learning and it helps with macro problem solving skills and they don't even know it!  LOL  I also like Yahtzee and Sorry!  My all-time favorite is Trivial Pursuit, but I was around 18 when that came out!

2.  Can you remember a favorite outfit from your past?  Describe it.
Oh yes!  The one that popped into mind immediately was a purple suede dress that I got to wear to an office Christmas Party in 1989 for Motorola!  I was thin and trim, and had matching purple suede shoes and I looked damn fine, if I don't say so myself!  LOL  Thanks for reminding me of that!

3.  Today, if money was no option, what would you purchase most of at the grocery store? 
Probably the frozen food section, which sounds really weird, but I love to eat all the little appetizer type foods!  I would have a gigantic party and make mini hot dogs, mini quiches, potato puffs, pizza rolls and bagel bites for everyone I know!  LOL

4.  You have a choice of a night out with David Bowie or Alice Cooper.  You have to choose one or another--who would you choose and why? 
Totally Alice Cooper!  I love him!  He is an American Original and it would be a blast!  I loved the 'Welcome to My Nightmare' album!  It would be fun to talk to him about it!  'Cold Ethyl' was one of my favorite songs for a loooong time!  lol  I think he owns a restaurant now, so that would be fun, too!   I know, no one would ever expect me to be an Alice Cooper fan, but there you have it! 

5.  If you suddenly placed on the witness protection program, and had to move out of NJ forever (oh no!), which state would you want to start your life over in, and why?
I am torn between two, but since you are making me choose, I will say Rhode Island.  I love colonial history, and Federal style old houses, so I would find one, not too far from the coast near the Jamestown/Newport area, and settle in with Hubby and kids.  Or maybe out on Block Island.  :-)  The whole area has great antiques, and they are New England without being too 'Boston', and I know the area a little bit already!  I don't think I could live anywhere without an ocean to go to visit!

:) Julie at Coelha Thoughts

That was fun!  Thanks Sandi and Julie!  Keep those interviews coming everyone!!! 
be well,


frankandmary said...

A mirror for signaling. Haaaa.  I'll take a tube of lipstick to draw HELP signs with ;-).  I know YOU mean it, but .....;-).
I saw the header on this & thought you did away with the Husband & I'd need to send lawyers, guns & money. ~Mary

tenyearnap said...

Alice Cooper...WE'RE NOT WORTHY! Hee hee, I bet he would be fun.

Sounds like someone has thought a bit much about this deserted island supply list!

I love Rhode Island too and have spent a lot of time there. Haven't been to Block Island for many years. See ya there? --Cin

mleighin21st said...

Oh Yeah, I would definitely pick Alice Cooper, too!!!  He's  really into golf, but we could get past that!  ;)  Hope you've enjoyed your evening.  
                               Smiles,  Leigh

coelha said...

I had no idea you were an Alice Cooper fan!!!  That question was mean't to stump you!!!  LOL  You proved me wrong---I would have never guessed you liked Alice!!  Julie :)  

toonguykc said...

When I read the subjecy "black widow" I was so afraid one of you got bitten by one --- considering your run-ins with wasps!  Whew!


sdoscher458 said...

Great answers.  I'd like you with me if I got stuck on a But I am an old girl scout so I do know how to start a fire from scratch. I laughed myself silly at the first Survivor Show, there was one person even wearing glasses, like didn't they ever burn a leaf with a magnifer glass? Instead they were trying the old indian way which only an indian can  But you have "Be Prepared" down to a, Sandi

gazker said...

So I am thinking what would I want on my dessert island. Well, lets start with a 6'6'' Airforce commander that will have all I needed in kit little kit bag, then a celebrity chef for all my food needs, a Nubean massuease with 3 legs ;-) some one to do the washing and ironing. A good lap top to mail home (wish you were here lol) and a supply of Chardonay!
Gaz ;-)

cherry2sweet2eat said...

lol she is kickin it wit the fellahs hunh?

eml625 said...

Wow. Some good questions there.
The whole survival thing was great, I thought you got all that info by yourself!

erarein63 said...

Good questions and answers.  Glad that the "boy" scouts are letting Pumpkin tag along.  It's gotta be hard being the only girl in the house and wanting to learn the same as the boys.  Cool.  Hope everything is good with you.  De ;)

ksgal3133 said...

I'm not sure what is happening to our local cub scout troop. A lot of people just don't want to volunteer and it's sad.


chat2missie said...

Have a great Thursday!

randlprysock said...

My Aaron wants to be a cub scout but they wanted so much involvement from me and our work schedules are so hectic.... we just couldn't do it.  I was a "Brownie" for a brief time as a child and loved it.  One of the few things my mom let me do.... these are gonna be great memories for your kids.  You are such a good mom!!!!  Glad you got a nap and hope you have a great day!!!!!  Loved the answers to your interview.

sunnyside46 said...

you would definitely make it of fthe island.
I , too am always touched by your great attitude.

nay0114 said...

Interesting. Great answers.
Take care, Chrissie

ktkamanski said...

I agree with the start of Question #3. You have such a wonderful spirit and the strength to out last most! Love this interview thingy that's being passed around. Being the talented one you are, I would love to be interviewed by your line of questioning - if your still doing this! Great answers and sooo you! Hope you enjoy your enjoying your day! Take care,