Sunday, September 30, 2007

Nice Work If You Can Get It

First a shout out...

Brett Favre is totally amazing... Consecutive games record, Most Touchdowns record, you can't help but admire and respect the man.  He is a quarterback and football player for the ages.

Hubby and I going to watch the Giants play tonight.  The Jets were rousted by the Bills earlier, dang it.

Anyhow, yesterday, I didn't get to post an entry!  I was so busy... a good busy!  Kathy and J were visiting!  Yay!

J is getting so big!  He is in the pre-K class at his day care now, and very excited because he gets a box with his own crayons, scissors and, most importantly to J... GLUE!  LOL  Very exciting stuff when you are 4 1/2.  I remember those days for mine very well!

Kathy and I had a lovely time chatting the afternoon away, while Pumpkin and J played together at the park, with balls, sidewalk chalk, and video games. 

Hubby and the boys were at a Boy Scout trip until dinnertime.  They visited a place we had been as a family before called Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome .

They have a large collection  of WWI biplanes, and do shows every Saturday and Sunday.  The show differs depending on the day, last time we saw the Sunday show, so the boys were excited to see the Saturday version.   I will show pics in another entry.

Today was a quiet in the house day. 

I don't know if this is a lupus flare, MS flare, or what, but much like what happened in January, is starting up again for me.  I had a choking episode earlier this week, and tonight I had a horrible one.  I aspirated some meat and then the wracking coughs required to get it out, have injured my throat, making it sore, and my voice scratchy.  Trouble with swallowing is called dysphagia, and it can happen in both diseases.  :-/

The weakness is back, I stumbled several times this week, which drew my attention to it's arrival.  The numbness, tingling and unstability, in the legs, arms, and hands - all here.  The crushing fatigue?  Well, that's here in full force, too.

And, the frustration is here, that this crap is all starting again. 

I spoke with Hubby, and I may call the MS Center and see about them doing the MRI sooner.  Last time, I felt that by the time the tests were done, most of my symptoms had eased if not, stopped.  Maybe it would be better to do it sooner.  I don't know.   Decisions...

However, it could be worse!  So much worse... that I will limit todays pity party to just the tears I shed earlier, after my choking episode.  Time to focus on what I can do.  And, on the many blessings I have in my life.

Speaking of blessings, I have met many wonderful people who inspire me in J-Land.  There are two I would like to mention - Kim, at I shaved my legs for this? and Irene at,  Meet Me At The Breakfast Table , are warriors extraordinaire, fighting the Big C.  Please, go visit them, and give them some encouraging words today.

be well,


tenyearnap said...

Ooh, I want to go to the biplane show!!!! I also want to hear Pumpkin's possed-by-the-devil voice...hee hee.

YES!! Call the center and get that MRI sooner. Slippery weather is coming and I am afraid you will fall on least let someone else carry the scissors for you, okay? And stay away from large cactus. (I'm just worried now.) --Cin

ktkamanski said...

All I can say is "I love you, always being you" ! I hope your days's ahead are those that bring you those moments of comfort" Smile and remember!

deshelestraci said...

I'm so sorry you are having some worsening symptoms.  Choking is so scary.  I would go for the mri early if it means getting some relief sooner.
Glad you got to visit with a friend.

mousedaisy13 said...

I just wanted to say hi. I heard about you through a mutual friend. I hope your symptoms ease up soon. Keep smileing.

nay0114 said...

Hope it works out for you Dawn. Kim and Irene are awesome people. Glad you had a great visit. Hope you get in sooner to the doctor. I hate when something is wrong and by the time you get there it's gone for the minute.
Take care, Chrissie

sdoscher458 said...

I know its impossible but you need to rest a bit, you probably do not want to hear that. I hope the MS group can give you some good information. I view you as a warrior woman too, my friend. You never give up or in. Wish I could wish your pain away I, Sandi

toonguykc said...

Please take good care of yourself and get a lot of rest.  Dream of Brett Favre out of that uniform!  Grrrrrrrrowwwwwwllll!!  ;)


cherry2sweet2eat said...

<<packers fan. Oh did u see the score for the Steelers game? I left when they started losing lol.

astoriasand said...

Aw I am sorry to read you haven't been too good.I choke on nuts and things as I have problems with the esopheagus is that spelling correct teacher LOL!! It is a nightmare sometimes when I tend to forget what I am eating.I would get the check done.Loved the memory of the kids crayon pack etc.Aw I wish mine wer small again.I love crayons Haaaaaaa.Take Care look after yourself and rest. God Bless Kath

eml625 said...

Go Giants!!!
Sorry to hear your not well. Continue to have a great outlook, it will improve your mind so much.

chat2missie said...

Hope today is a better day for you.

ksgal3133 said...

Sending you many prayers!!


mleighin21st said...

{{{Dawn}}}  I'm so sorry to hear of these frightening episodes of dysphagia.  When you call about the MRI, ask for an O.T. consult regarding the swallowing.  They may be able to help.  As always, my thoughts are with you.
                                 Blessings,  Leigh

jibaro6543 said...

loved watching football all weekend----so thrilled for brett favre.....sad for the jets--very happy for the giants...and of course tampa bay....I am crushed by the gators losing...made me cry.
sorry you are not feeling too well---just know prayers are always being said for you---(((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))

glensfork4 said...

(((Dawn))) Prayers going up for you....I hope you are well today.


tampa0503 said...

So sorry to hear you are feeling so yucky!  I had to laugh at the bug/windshield metaphor.....I have that "bug" feeling quite alot

take care hun..hope you have a better day today!


donejustwrite said...

Thinking of you, my friend...

coelha said...

(((  Dawn ))))  I'm sorry you are having those symptons again.  You are a strong person, and you are a positive one too--you ARE in inspiration.  Hugs--I hope you are feeling better today.  Julie

tlgf1968 said...

KUDOS to YOU for the BIG SHOUT to BRETT FAVRE!!  he is, as you put, totally amazing!  what's great is that he still seems to be having fun playing football after all this time.  YAY!!  (who wouldn't?  seriously!)  i watched the giants game last night ... was right there with ya 'til the last seconds ticked off the clock.  osi was phenomenal!  sorry about the jets :(  looking fwd to the pats game tonight!  have to watch from the hospital bed - still here!  ((( will be praying for you )))  and thanking God for the little things ... like j-land and HOPE. =)

sangrialel said...

You are so right about Kim being a warrior extrodinare!!!  I just love her.  You are a warrior too! And I just love you too.   Linda

rdautumnsage said...

Kim continues to amaze me as do you with everything you both have to contend with. Thanks for the Link to Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, Doc is a huge WWI,II history buff. He would love to pay a visit there. Not sure if we can make the last show or not, but there is always next year. Keeping you in my prayers on the smoke! Your in my thoughts hon, hoping your feeling better soon. (Hugs) Indigo

gazker said...

Oh Dawn we all love ya so much, your stamina, your devition to your family and friends, me included of course ;-)
Have as many pity partys as you need.
The biggest hug to you ever.
Gaz xxxxxxx

cacklinrosie101 said...

I do think both of those ladies are two warriors.  Dawn, you are also.  You may not have the big C but you have enough to deal with and do it with wit and humor even when you're scared.  I pray that they get that MRI done and find out what is the matter so treatment can begin.  HUGS  Chris

ekgillen said...

I actually met Brett Farve about 7 years ago.  He was such a nice guy!