Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

George Michael's song worked for the title, or it could have been 'Second Day of School & Alarm Does Not Go Off!'  Ugh.

Cup #2 of coffee down... more to go!

Oh and let's not forget that they screwed up Fuzzy's schedule, again, and he had to get to school by 8am to meet with the guidance counselor to have it corrected! 

Quite a feat, but I did drop them off at 8am, miraculous considering I awoke, sans alarm at 7:45am!!! 

My poor babies!!!  The look of abject HORROR on Pumpkin's face would have cracked me up on the spot, but I had no time!!!  I whipped together her lunch box, gave Fuzzy money to buy lunch, threw a jacket on over my jammies and ran them out the door!!!


Pumpkin and Fuzzy (in spite of schedule error) had great days yesterday and are happy with their teachers and are settling in okay.  I had more homework than the kids did last night.  Oh those endless forms/cards to fill out!  My poor aching hands!!!

Hammer spent that day reviewing Algebra with Hubby and starting a new chapter.  We aren't starting our 'official' new high school cd-roms until next week, since tomorrow the sibs are off and I will have DogBoy and Peanut here for the day! 

Their mom, my friend, Ilene, is a teacher and her new school district doesn't give off for the Jewish holidays.  Each one is different around here.  Some don't, some give tomorrow, and some give tomorrow and Friday.   So, tomorrow, my kids will have their last 'summer' hurrah!  I expect there will be lots of movies, video games and snacks!  LOL

Fuzzy's friend, Russ, is coming over today after school.  He is a sweetie! 

 Gotta love these two silly boys!  Look at Libby!  She is like, 'Get outta my crate, dudes!'  LOL

Thank you to everyone who voted in my poll and commented on my other entry.  I thought my entry from last year said it all about 9/11 for me, and after re-reading it, I put up the link.

I am hoping that soon more people will interview me, so stay tuned for those!

Oh, and the rain left, and so did the heat and humidity!  It is a GORGEOUS 66 degrees!!!  Perfection!

be well,


sugarsweet056 said...

Have a good "hump day".

tenyearnap said...

Super Mom!! Lunches made and kids delivered in fifteen minutes or less...wait, I think that's Pizza Hut Mom.
Rest your hands today. --Cin

chat2missie said...

Hope the rest of your day goes better!

ktkamanski said...

I would of loved to of been a bug on the wall to watch a morning such as this! Your amazing and all that on only 2 cups of coffee - You go girl! Love your reads and your spirit! Hoping for a day of happiness and lots more coffee. Take care,

sdoscher458 said...

Oh man I do remember those days...alarm not going off, can't find one shoe, where's the homework...endless rushing. I think that's why I am so slow Thanks for interviewing me, it was fun brought back a lot of memories. I am so jealous...I am sitting here in 90 percent humidity still, temps in the high 80' drip. I want fall, winter and spring...bah humbug on, Sandi

mleighin21st said...

WOW, I can't move that fast!!!!  You are definitely SUPERMOM !  Hope the rest of your day went in by in normal speed.  Those boys and Libby are just adorable.  
                          Smiles,  Leigh

acoward15 said...

Great graphics with this entry.

gazker said...

I want to interview you, but when I get back from my hols!

Gaz xxxxx

rdautumnsage said...

Poor kids, poor you. I hate having to jump up and go like that. The weather is perfect lately! (Hugs) Indigo

nightmaremom said...

I hate when I over sleep the whole day shot.  Down right chilly here!

jckfrstross said...

have a good week:)


toonguykc said...

Once again I'm so grateful to be childless!!  Cats and dogs seldom need help with algebra!  ;)


cherry2sweet2eat said...

the dog is probably thinking "cramped? now you see how i feel" lol

glensfork4 said...

We ALWAYS have to do that...I spent more time driving the kids to school last year than I care to count.

Knock on wood...we haven't missed the bus once this year...


eml625 said...

The weather here is perfect too.
I am happy to hear your settling into a new school year. Crank up the volume on your alarm!! LOL
Be well

ksgal3133 said...

I'm glad they all had a good first day back. Our buses actually ran on time which is a miracle!
oooo 66 I'm jealous!!


sunnyside46 said...

I can see poor pumpkin in my mind
I am truly inspired at your feat in getting them out the door!

nay0114 said...

LOL Ky used to get in the creates too and the puppy would be like what the heck are you doing that's my room.
Take care, Chrissie

randlprysock said...

I'm lovin' the jumper cables graphic....