Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Baseball and Cooperstown

I am back and Cooperstown was fabulous!  The Baseball Hall of Fame was every baseball fan's dream!  And there was something for everyone, huge fan or not!  The kids were awed by a lot of it!   Ds12 threw himself on Babe Ruth's locker!  He kept running his hands over it and saying - I can't believe he touched this!  It was really his!  This older man that was there, said that my son was doing what he was doing in his head!  LOL  Ds12 was also very into the Ted Williams stuff - not surprising - the whole "science" of the game really appeals to him and Ted Williams was the master of it.

Ds10 loved it all.  He was like a big sponge!  He was in awe over all the history, the Polo Grounds, the other old ballparks, Casey Stengel, Ty Cobb, etc...  Oh, and of course, anything Yankee!  He loved seeing the new stuff too and reading all the stats and records.  They had the top 10 of every stat you can imagine and then the top 10 of players still playing as of the end of 2004 season.  Really cool.   My hubby, my other little boy, was also in awe.  He loves Lou Gehrig.  His locker was there too, and hubby ran his hands over it like it was silk...  He loves all things Johnny Bench and got his fill of that, too. 

Ds8 was a good sport.  She looked for anything A-Rod, because she loves him.  She also helped look for Catfish Hunter stuff to tell her grandma about it and Mickey Mantle for Grandpa.  She also liked the Babe and Gehrig stuff, how couldn't you?!  Mostly, she liked the shopping.  She begged for something everywhere we were!  UGH   We bought lots and lots of baseball cards, shirts, books and stuff.  Even a Cooperstown throw blanket madeof sweatshirt material.  It is soooo soft!  You just can't help yourself!  The whole town is on baseball fever and store to store you just get bowled over!

I got a shirt for next season that says Baseball Mom - I can't wait!  And a pin that says Mom of #10, which is almost always ds10's number.  Now it had better be...lol.   The guest house we stayed at was lovely and the family treated us as if we were family guests.  It made the trip really nice. 


The only thing that was a negative was the heat!  It was awful!  Mid 90's and so humid you could chew the air!!!   We walked everywhere so I am paying for it a bit.  Very tired and legs are sore.  My knee was acting up, but it seems to have stopped now.  Took my methotrexate today...so, that makes me tired a bit too.   I will put in a pic or two soon...too tired to deal with that today!  

Be well, Dawn

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madmanadhd said...

First off thanks for the link...

And then... YOU WENT TO ((((COOPERSTOWN)))) Arghhhh you are such a lucky, deluxy. Holy baseball Batman that is sooooooo where I wanna go. Being from Beantown AKA Bahston I have gone to many a Sox game and have just stepped off cloud nine after the BoSox AND NE Pats won the Series and Bowl last season. Isn't Ted Williams just so awesome! My dad loved to tell me stories of Ted Williams and how he was the best. Can't argue with the Damn Yankee dynasty, what an incredable collection of tallent over the years. Was there much about Ty Cobb?... the "bad boy" of baseball? Now there was a man MADE to crush baseballs. Manohman is I ever happy to have stumbled here just as you are reminiscing about ((((COOPERSTOWN)))) Someday I shall make the pilgrimage.

Thanks for sharing.
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