Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I hate RA (rheumatoid arthritis)

 Just got my blood results from my rheumy.  

My rheumy who did NOT want me on prednisone at all...  

My sugar is up. 

Just like she predicted.  Just like I really did not want to have happen.  

Borderline at 110.  My white blood cell count was also "minimally" elevated.  She wrote in the margin "due to steroids".   

It wasn't a fasting test...maybe it was from the donut I had on the way into NYC???  No, probably not.  UGH.  

She wrote under the recommendations - "Begin to follow a no concentrated sugar diet."  

Lovely.  So, good thing I ate mashed potatoes last night and had a donut then too, huh?  Great.  

I have been feeling great!  Since my weird knee problem 4 weeks ago and my trigger finger thing around the same time, things have been really good! 

 I played in a kickball game!  I walked my a*@ off in Cooperstown!   These are things I would not have accomplished without the prednisone!  I mean, it still is not perfect, but even Glenn "forgot" about checking with me to be sure I was "okay".  He felt bad because he thought he pushed me too hard!

Tonite is ravioli.  I will be having 2, not that I want to only have 2, but, I do not want to stop the prednisone. Instead, I will fill up on the side dish of italian sausage.    I guess it could be worse. 

I know it could be worse.... but I just started the DAMN 5 mgs of prednisone!  It has only been 5 weeks and the test was done at week 4!!!  I mean - can't Icatch a friggin' break!  I am just feeling really good now...and now this!    

My biggest fear is the sugar will get worse even if I am good and she will take me off of it.  I feel so much better!  I am doing so much more...the kids have been so amazed!  They say I almost like "normal" again!!!  Why God?  Why?   

Please...pray for me, send positive thoughts, light candles, whatever it is you spiritually feel wont to do.  I could use the help! ;-D  

Thanks in advance, dear journalers and journal readers.  

I hate RA.  RA SUCKS  RA SUCKS  RA SUCKS!!!!                     :::: stamping feet on the floor ::::  

Be well... Dawn  


jouell3935 said...

Just wanted to pop over and say Thank you for checking out Point/Counterpoint....I would love to have you get in on this!!! The more the merrier! I am gathering the ideas and will be sendiing out topics tonight...keep  a look out!!!
I like your journal!!!!!I will be back to read at length!!!

missysworld said...

RA DOES SUCK!!!!  I'm lucky to not have that problem, but I am praying for you that yours improves and that you feel better dear!  Sounds like you had a really bad day hon, hope tomorrow is better and tonight finds you sleeping well!

love, ((((hugs)))), and prayers

madmanadhd said...

When dad was alive there were no drugs like prednisone nor were there such precise tests. All I remember of hi RA was the pain, the excruciating, horrendous pain that made him wish he was dead ("careful what you wish for" my grandmother used to say). I've been on prednisone for my asthma and it worked fine but the dosage got all messed up and one morning I awoke feeling as if someone had put chips of glass in ALL my joints. "Pain level" sorry doc the pain barometer doesn’t go that high. I'm so glad it is working for you but damn that sugar level!

Sending you vibes and prayers and candles and Buddhist prayer wheels and Jewish knish and anything else I can think of for support. It'll work out.

foxygreeneyedldy said...

Hang in there!  I know how it is!  The Prednisone makes you feel like Superman sometimes.  Look on the bright side - everyone is raving about all the weight they lose on the low-carb diets LOL  Thanks for the uplifting messages on my site!  Here's one for you: Stay positive and things will work out!

Love: Lady Fox