Thursday, June 23, 2005

Summer Song Dedication

I dedicate the B-52's singing "Love Shack" to my former twenty-something self! 

Just thinking of its bang, bang, bang-ing beat brings me back!  Whether I was heading out for a night at the local clubs in Northern NJ with friends, or heading "down the shore" (which is how you say it in NJ), I was going to be having a rocking good time!  You cannot listen to that song without tapping your foot or bobbing your head to the beat.

It just puts me back in the club, hanging out with my friends and checking out the guys!  It wasn't all about the guys though, that was just for eye-candy - the best part was the laughing and giggling and dancing with my friends! 

Those were the days (long before RA) when I could be on my feet for hours, in high heels, no less!  This was the 80's and in the summer the "shoe of choice" was usually white patent leather pumps!  You rarely got a table in a club, so you stood at one of those shelf things or a room partition, drink in hand.  Of course, you didn't just stand, you danced the night away, too!  It seems like a different lifetime when I think back on it!  Now, my feet don't give me hours, and if I push them, I pay for it - big time!

Aaaah, youth is wasted on the young!  If I knew then what I know now!  I think I would have appreciated that time more when it was happening!  In your early 20's it seems like you are always looking ahead, down the line, and with a yearning heart.  You want the ideal hubby, the 2.5 kids, and the mini-van with the house in the sub-division.  I didn't spend a lot of time then savoring what I had - the freedom, the lack of responsibilities, health, youth and stamina!!!

Yes, "Love Shack" is the song that instantly brings me back there, to that time and place, that mind-set.  I do NOT want to go back to that time in my life though, either. 

I did find my Prince Charming, and I fall in love with him over and over again through the years.  I had the kids, three of them, and did three mini-vans; now I do the SUV thing, with a Trailblazer that seats seven.  My schedule isn't my own, but I still find my freedom in other ways; in my writing, reading books or with friends.  I have grown into a better person, and I owe that to having a family.  Being a parent opens you up in ways you never knew existed.

But, it sure is fun to pop the CD in the stereo and crank it up to sing along with my daughter and laugh some more!

Be well,



thebaabee said...

I was just thinking about my old self too.  I was remembering the me of the 70's.  So young, so naive and so healthy.  Those days were a treasure.  Now I am tired most of the time.  Yup, there is the pain too.  And, of course the kids.  Mine are now 19 and 17 and just don't have any idea what a curfew is.  But, the good thing about all of this is now hubby and I get to rejuveniate our relationship.  That is when I can keep my eyes open long enough.  LOL...... Loving you LuAnne

pixiedustnme said...

ok - so are we talking the "original" love shack? or the re-released version? I'm pretending I'm not old enough to remember the original >snicker<

kissofvanity said...

Yeah, that song brings back memories of my 20's, too.  I love it.  :)


beachmelissa3 said...

Oh Yeah- Love Shack - So much fun!  I had a good time then, but just a bit too uptight.  Wish I knew then what I knew now too.  I just keep living life to the fullest and keep on having a good time too.

sinnermeetevil said...

dragonrose637 said...

Dont mean to make u feel old or anything...honestly..but i loved that song when it came out in a movie while I was like 6-9....cant remember the name or my specific age but I used to watch the movie just to fast forward to that

madmanadhd said...

Has anyone ever told you that you have a very engaging writing style? Smooth, descriptive, and easy to relate to? Just thought I'd tell ya.

Yeah man love that song! Are you sure that in Jersey people would say like.."The Showahh" as opposed to "The Shore?"

Hey I bet you looked hot in those patent leather pumps! I would definetly say you found found your soul mate and Prince Charming, hope you didn't have to kiss too many frogs... ewwww warts on the lips and I don't EVEN wanna think about the disease possibility if you went for the French kissing stuff. *GAGGING NOW* As for the 2 .5 kids quite sure you are thriled to have missed that mark... like what half of which child would you be willing to give up? I have 3 most excellent and awesome children (hey I said it first) and would not give up a hair on their heads nor change a thing.... Well unless... I mean except if it was..... that we took a trip to like ummm.... ((((((COOPERSTOWN))))) as a family and got to stay in a bed and breakfast and didn't need to buy food acause we could chew the air!!!  See just one little adjustment that YOU won't haveta wish for.

This journal is addicting, did you know that? Sheesh!