Thursday, June 9, 2005

Busy, busy, busy


Things are so crazy around here!  The kids are finishing up school which is nuts!  Concerts, end of year reports, end of sports, recitals, yikes!  Not a moment to catch your breath! 

I am feeling ok, though.  We are having a bit of a heat wave in NJ, which is a pain in the rear, and it has given me some swelling in my hands that I could do without, but otherwise, I am good!

Next week is the last full week for the two in public school...amen!!! 

Just wanted to check in for a quick hello!




thebaabee said...

Its crazy here too.  Lauren is graduating HS and we are preparing for prom.  The heat here is horrendous.  Where in NJ are you?  I am in Staten Island....... Love LuAnne

riley11399 said...


I have been reading your entries for quite some time now.  My name is also Dawn and I have 3 wonderful boys.( ages 6, 2, and 6 months) I  have recently been diagnosed with RA.  I sit here right now in some what I consider to be a decent amount of pain listening to my 6 year old singin "Bob the Builder" to my 2 year old and think (things can't get any better than this)  My husband is great and is being very supportive while we are beginning to understand this disease.  I have good days and bad days I will begin my "medication regiment" in a few days.  I will start with plaquenil and I guess go from there.  My RA Dr. is wonderful so I am grateful for that.  I love to hear all of the things that you do, because when I first got the diagnosis many people were telling me how my life was going to change and that I would have to adjust so must to deal with this disease.  With all the things there  are to read it does get confusing so I enjoy your stories to realax my mind and let me know that everything will be ok.
PS. the heat is def. getting to me