Thursday, June 30, 2005

Piano Lessons & Murphy's Law & Me

The kids have 2 friends over, so I have 5 kids running around the house...which is fine, I didn't think I would actually have time to even write today, but here I am.

Today was my first piano lesson!  YAY!  It went well!  I can read music a bit and get the different types of notes, I even know my keys on the piano.  I have never taken a formal lesson though, and only have ever played with my right hand.

Would my now almost 40 year old brain be able to add my left hand to the mix?

Not easily...but I think I am starting to get it!  It is definitely going to be the hardest part for me.  It is also not my dominant hand to begin with, and the hand that tends to hurt the most with my RA.  Go figure. 

I can now play Old MacDonald had a Farm with two hands, though and I am proud!  I am also excited for next weeks lesson to come!

So, the kids all go down to the park that is 2 lots away for the summer camp program and it is time for me to have lunch. 

I am being good with my diet.  I ate a banana for breakfast and had my usual big iced coffee from DD.  (okay, yes there is cream in it but not sugar!  no one is going to mess with my coffee, ok? ok!)

For lunch I cut open a bag of salad (I hate preparing my own lettuce for a salad) and shake it out onto my plate.  I add some low fat shredded cheddar cheese and add my light ranch dressing which has only one sugar and 30 carbs. 

Everything was great! 

Then, it happened.  About 2/3, maybe 3/4 of the way through my nice big plate of salad...I saw it. 

I have a friend who has had this happen to her time and time again - but it never happened to me.  For over 5 years since she told me this happened to her ALL the TIME, I was truly doubting the veracity of it at all. 

BUT there it was.  A FLY.  A DEAD FLY.


Great.  Now what?!  I tried to just push it aside with the tainted lettuce area like my friend does and ate another mouthful of salad.

I could barely swallow it.  I dumped the remaining salad into the garbage.

I sat at the table drinking some water until my stomach stopped lurching and then I ate about 6 pieces of a fruit salad. 

My lunch - yeah, my luck, huh?

Dilemma...throw out the whole bag or be a big girl and get over it... hmmmm...

Well, back to the kids who need me every 5 minutes or so...

Be well - Dawn

ps - check your salad


butterflygherl said...

I always rinse my bags of salad before eating because I tend to find bugs. It would gross me out too. Glad the diet is going well.


cneinhorn said...

ewww on the dead fly, I'd lost my appetite too!  thanks for stopping by my blog


sinnermeetevil said...

congrats on the lessons. you know i lived here in PA and never been to i guess i better get there.

dornbrau said...

Thats the new diet fad, find a bug in your food and you lose your appetite, thus you eat less.  It works wonders!
I remember a time when I would have thought 5 was a lot of kids for one house (I have 5 of my own, but my oldest has moved out).  Did I really say 'sure, send 3 more over!'?

madmanadhd said...

Sounds like the kids had a good time. Bravo on the piano lessons. My love and I tried piano lessons... disaster... BIG TIME. My hands absolutely REFUSED to listen to my barin. Of course it doesn't help that I can't read music and have NO rhythm (yeah typical white boy as one of my friends would tell me). But my brain would finally figure out the note and location on the keyboard, send the message all the way down to my fingers and they would be like taking a walking vacation MILES away! What's up with that?

As for the fly in the salad...ummm a few options there. Kids like salad? How about the hubby? What they don't know won't hurt em. Got any pot luck picnics to go to, salad's always a hit! Hee hee. Ok OK so double check what ever I bring to the pot luck next time. But I hate to waste food, especially some with extra protien... and they didn't charge extra. HA!